Push Images / URL(s) To Ur Device via Nokia Drop v1.1.0 Symbian^3 – Full Version App Download

Nokia Drop is a simple and easy way to push content to your device. With it you can:
● Change your phone’s wallpaper
● Send image as a file to your phone
● Send URL to your phone
● Nokia Drop uses Push Notifications, so no cable or Bluetooth connection is needed.


● Send map view or send selected location from maps.ovi.com
● Send RSS feeds to Nokia Reader application or native browser web feed folder
● Choose how to handle received items: automatically or manually
● UX improvements in Nokia Drop web pages and in Nokia Drop client


Nokia Drop is compatible with S60 5th Edition and Symbian^3 devices. Nokia Drop has been tested to work with X6-00, 5228, 5230, 5235 Ovi Music Unlimited, 5530 Exp Music, C6-00, N97, N97 mini, N8-00, C6-01, C7-00, E7-00, 5233, c5-03, 5800 (PR4+). Download the application.

Nokia Drop extensions are compatible with Firefox 3.6 & 4.0 and Chrome (latest stable).

Installation NOTES:

Note: You need to install browser extension and mobile client to use this service.
Note: Make sure you have active data connection or you are in reach of WLAN coverage during the installation process. Installation uses Symbian Smart Installer, which will download and install required components if needed. Additional download may be required based on your phone configuration.
Note: To install browser extension just visit this page with Chrome or Firefox and click on installation button below.
Note: In Firefox 3.6 service icon may not appear automatically after installation. You can add it by customizing toolbar and drag&drop Nokia Drop icon to the toolbar.

1. Install Nokia Drop browser extension:

● Install to Firefox (Firefox 3.6 and 4.0) ›
● Install to Chrome (Google Chrome) ›

2. Install Symbian 3 Nokia Drop mobile client

● Depending on your phone configuration some components will need to be downloaded during installation.

Click below to download