N Desk v2.6.08 Symbian^3 – Full Version App Download

1 to solve the problem of excessive some icons
2 Ultimate Skin Support icon background: through the skin, you can add an icon for each icon in the background, so you can achieve exactly the same for each icon size, equivalent to 100 percent complete icons theme
(3) Strengthen the data storage module, the data is not easy to lose, this version, you can use third-party software off the desktop or N to restart the phone without losing data

4. Join cycle slip
5. To enhance the accuracy of sliding, sliding left hand to avoid sliding the screen to the right problem
6 for Symbian ^ 3 phones do speed optimization
7 solution with skin, text color problem can not be saved
8. Optimization when you first install the automatic classification to increase the “office” folder and automatically add the icon for
9 When the icon is removed from the shortcut bar, support for the insert operation. Directly to the shortcut icon on the toolbar icons into the top before any
10. Solve mobile phone for fonts, slide to unlock screen displays the date of issue of incomplete
11 of the folder to save the module is optimized to avoid phone problems caused by coding the data can not restore backup problems
12 Improved backup and restore module, to avoid multiple backup and restore operation, resulting in waste paper
13 sensors plus / unlock set by adding the number of
14 added volume setting slide to unlock
15. Address the sliding process, sometimes misuse the issue of open programs
16. N Desktop reduce installation package size, package size is currently about 600K.
17 joined the desktop mode, set to open, you can shield the system comes with the desktop: Note that this feature is only open to users of simplified Chinese, which means that this function designed specifically for users in mainland China. When using other languages, it will not take this feature.
18. Change the default skin installed
19 horizontal screen support shortcut bar: this last function, on camera, 2.4 when the horizontal screen does not support the shortcut bar, a lot of feedback machine needs to join the Friends of the shortcut bar. As the arrangement of the restrictions, which do not want to fit in a good plus. 2.5 failed to add. Friends later told that a machine in his dream, dreamed of N when the desktop screen in the horizontal sliding up, the shortcut bar will come up from below, sliding, it will be hidden. The idea was that good, but do not know can not do it, and finally, after several debugging, or 2.6 to achieve this effect. But I do think that this effect is not very brightly, almost do not know whether local friends who dream of a scene
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