Find Me v2.00.1 Symbian^3 – Full Version App Download

Worried about losing your phone?If your phone is stolen & a new SIM is inserted into your phone,’FindMe’ sends SMS silently from thief’s phone to a buddy phone number.Track thief on Google map.Get features like remote lock,auto lock,loud siren & uninstall prevention by thief.Upon detecting new SIM inside phone,’FindMe’ plays loud siren,which helps you to find culprit in crowded place.Operate ‘FindMe’ remotely through SMS commands

Because the concept of the application, FindMe is hidden inside your phone. Hence after successful installation you can’t find application icon by navigating to the area on the phone where new applications are installed. Even the application does not appears inside Task Manager when running. To start the application, you should dial 6 digit password. Default password is set as ‘000000’ at the time of installation. If you are replacing previous installation, old password will be maintained. It is strongly recommended to reset your 6 digit password (if it is default)afterwards, so that unauthorized user can’t access the application.
Upon forgetting 6 digit password, you can get it on your buddy’s number by sending ‘FINDME 013’ SMS to handset in which FindMe is running.
The application have auto-start functionality. But we don’t have an option which allows the user to enable/disable auto-start functionality. Reason for such kind of behaviour is as described below.
Since FindMe is a hidden application and also does not appears inside Task Manager when running. If the setting for auto-start behaviour is disabled, upon restarting the device there won’t be any way by which user will be able to start the application. To avoid the situation we haven’t given any option to enable/disable auto-start functionality, and by defult auto-start behaviour is enabled.
We have “Protect UnInstall” binary setting field which allows the user to enable/disable uninstallation of the application. If it is enabled and someone tries to uninstall the application from phone, it resticts user with a popup message to avoid unauthorized uninstallation of the application. In order to uninstall the application “Protect UnInstall” setting must be disabled. Since FindMe also works as anti-theft, we have implemented conditional uninstall feature, otherwise if someone steals phone, he can easily uninstall the application from phone and it won’t be possible to find the phone.
Application supports only portrait screen mode and does not supports landscape screen mode. 
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