ClearSMS v1.0.2 Symbian^3 – Full Version App Download

Clear SMS provides a transparent SMS layer which runs above almost every application. Now you can write your SMS while in the background the camera/video image is shown, while navigation with Nokia maps, watching video, reading Twitter, Facebook, Email etc.

Summary of Features
Transparent overlay which works with almost every application. Now you can watch movies, run the camera app, read Twitter, etc. while writing a SMS.
Four fully customizeable virtual keyboards.
Settings of transparency levels and font color.
Sending to multiple recipients.
Can I use the video camera in background? Yes.
Can I use custom virtual keyboards? Yes. By making a long press on a character you can replace the character with an arbitrary other character. This way, the virtual keyboard is fully customizable. In total you can store 4 different fully costumizable keyboards.
Help and Usage Instructions
Send SMS message (will open the Contact list, where you can select one or multiple recipients).
Show settings menu (for adjusting transparency levels and font color).
Resize ClearSMS. E.g. useful to start another application.
Close ClearSMS.
Delete last character or selection
Insert space
Insert newline/enter
Toggle between keymaps (e.g. characters, numbers, special signs)
A scrollable textarea where the SMS is written to. You can select the cursor position by touching the appropriate position.
The virtual keyboard area which can be changed by (8) and (9). If you want to exchange a key, just make a long tap on the character you want to change.
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