Bluetooth Shortcut via quickBT v1.1 – Symbian^3 – Full Version App Download

The program continues to line quickBT our tiny but very handy utility. In this case, it is about switching on / off Bluetooth transmitter. Quite often in everyday life, you may need to activate bluetooth, for sending or receiving any data.At this point, we usually are on the move or in the course of conversation. And remember, how to manage the Bluetooth settings of the phone is very, very problematic.

For example, take the phone Nokia n8. To activate Bluetooth from the standby mode, you need to make a meaningful six taps on the screen. To turn off – 4 clicks. When you turn on Bluetooth mode in “Offline”, this adds one more push (to be confirmed Bluetooth). QuickBT program solves this problem. Enough to make the application icon on the toolbar shortcuts in standby mode and you can toggle the bluetooth on the touch of a shortcut.When you switch, the program gives vybrosignal, to improve readability (unless included in an active vibration profile).The program has another feature: when trying to run it more often than once every three seconds, then instead of switching to pop up a message box with information about the program.
From this window, you can call the default application settings for Bluetooth. This is not some kind of disadvantage or limited. In normal, everyday life, you will never see this window. But if you want to configure bluetooth, just twice within three seconds of starting the application.

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