Rseven Free Backup & Sync 1.15 – Nokia N8 & Belle Smartphones

Rseven is a smartphone backup and synchronization service. It backups call history/logs, messages (SMS, MMS & emails), images, audio, video and sync contacts (phonebook) and calendar (appointments & to do items) with the Rseven website. On the website all your phone activities are presented in a Timeline format chronologically. Please visit for more information.
Key features:
● Record Everything: Backup your calls, messages, images, videos and audio files, and sync your contacts and calendar to the Rseven website. Just select the items you want to backup / sync, and click ‘Archive’ to send those data to the website. You can later access those items via a web browser.
● Backup Your Smartphone: Use Rseven to record all the activities on your smartphone. You can record your calls (for selected smartphone devices), backup your messages, and even track the geo-location of those smartphone activities. Rseven can also backup and sync the contacts and calendar events in your smartphone. Once archived, all of these data will be available at for your use.
● Restore Media Files: Images, videos and audio files that have been archived at the Rseven website can be downloaded back into your device, should you need it. To do so, view your media files at and click on ‘Restore To Mobile’. Your media item will be downloaded back into your device at your next archive session.
● Restore Contacts and Calendar Into A New Device: If you’ve just bought (or switched to) a new smartphone, just install the Rseven mobile client on the device. As soon as you login, the Rseven mobile client will automatically start downloading all your ‘active’ contacts and calendar items into this new device.
● Sync In Multiple Devices: If you use multiple smartphone devices, Rseven will sync your ‘active’ contacts and calendar items in all your devices. To do so, just archive as you normally do, and Rseven will automatically take care of the rest.
● Reclaim Your Data: If you’ve been religiously archiving with Rseven, you can download all of that data into your personal computer. To do so, login to Rseven on the Web and click on ‘Settings’. Next, click on ‘Export’ and select the data items that you want to download.
● 50MBs Of Free Data Uploads Every month: Rseven allows you to upload 50MBs of data from your smartphone into the website. And yes, it’s FREE!! Should you need to upload more than that, just upgrade to the Rseven Pro account, and you can go as high as 500MBs per month.
● Auto-Backup: Too busy to manually archive your data? You can always use Rseven’s auto-backup feature. Go to ‘Settings’, and set your preferred auto-backup schedule.
● Match To Facebook: If you’re on Facebook, you can link it to your Rseven account. Once this is done, you can post items to your Facebook wall, and share things from your smartphone device. To do so, login to Rseven on the Web and click on ‘Settings’. Next, click on ‘Send Profile’ and create a new profile that links to your Facebook account.