Error: Unable to install. Qt, version 4.07(3) or newer is required – Solution via Qt v4.7.3 + Qt Mobility v1.1.3 + QtWebKit v4.0.8

Qt v4.7.3 + Qt Mobility v1.1.3 + QtWebKit v4.0.8 Symbian Signed Download. This is Symbian’s Future based Application.

The new features available in this tool include:

– Qt 4.7.3 (for Symbian, desktop, and simulator) and Qt Mobility 1.1.3 APIs.
– Qt Quick and Qt Creator 2.1 to provide a complete solution for UI development.
– Tools for Symbian, Maemo, and desktop apps, including the use of native APIs.
– Device binaries to enable apps created with the SDK to be run on Symbian devices.
– Qt Assistant has been added as a separate package (the result of developer requests).
– The installer can use system proxy on Linux.
– Notification API is now marked as stable and has been moved to “Additional APIs”.
– Several fixes have been made in the Qt Simulator and the installation/updating workflow.

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( v4.7.3 + Qt Mobility v1.1.3RC + QtWebKit v4.0.8 S^3.rar