Angry Birds All in One Pack – Angry Birds, Seasons, Rio for Nokia N8 – Signed Game Download

N8 Fan Club proudly presents Angry Birds all in one signed pack which includes Angry Birds, Angry Birds Seasons and Angry Birds Rio with all of its updates inside.

Special thanks to Resh Shameer for the updated download link 🙂

Angry Birds
v1.2.1 Poached Eggs, Mighty Hoax (6.69 MB) (Release date: 10-Dec-2009)
v1.4.2 Danger Above (4.91 MB) (Feb-2010)
v1.4.3 The Big Setup (4.92 MB) (Jun-2010)
v1.5.3 Ham ‘Em High (6.17 MB) (Dec-2010)
v1.6.0 Mine And Dine (6.37 MB) (Jun-2011)
v1.6.3 Mine And Dine update (5.80 MB) (Aug-2011)

Angry Birds Seasons

v1.0.1 Trick Or Treat (Halloween), Season’s Greedings (Christmas) (8.19 MB) (Release date: 21-Oct-2010)

v1.2.0 Hogs And Kisses (Valentine’s Day) (3.12 MB) (Feb-2011)
v1.3.0 Go Green, Get Lucky (St. Patrick’s Day) (10.7 MB) (Mar-2011)
v1.4.0 Easter Eggs (Easter) (4.92 MB) (Apr-2011)
v1.5.0 Summer Pignic (12.9 MB) (Jun-2011)
v1.6.0 Mooncake Festival (Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival) (7.93 MB) (Sep-2011)
v2.0.0 Ham’O’Ween (9.54 MB) (Oct-2011)
v2.1.0 Wreck The Halls Coming Soon…

Angry Birds Rio
v1.0.0 Smugglers’ Den, Jungle Escape (10.4 MB) (Release date: 22-Mar-2011)
v1.1.0 Beach Volley (4.74 MB) (May-2011)
v1.2.0 Carnival Upheaval (5.52 MB) (Jun-2011)
v1.3.0 Airfield Chase (7.90 MB) (Aug-2011)

v1.3.2 Airfield Chase update (8.72 MB) (Sep-2011) including “Golden Beachball” (which is unlocked by finding a hidden item in “Beach Volley”, Episodes 4-13)

v1.4.0 Smugglers Plane (9.78 MB) (Nov-2011)

N8FanClub.com_Angry Birds Complete
N8FanClub.com_Angry Birds Complete
N8FanClub.com_Angry Birds Complete