Rumor: Nokia N8-01 – High End Smart Phone – Upgrade of N8 Expected

The Nokia N8-00 landed in our palms back in October of last year and it seems there may be a successor to the Nokia N8-00, which will come in the form of the Nokia N8-01, which would be a perfect fit for Nokia’s new naming scheme that they’ve adopted. As of yet, no hard evidence has emerged for the time being but the rumour mill is running strong and there will definitely be a flurry of new handsets to enter the market this year.

There will be around 40 new handsets coming from the powerhouse Finnish manufacturer and 12 of those are said to be smartphones and there is seemingly chance that the Nokia N8-01 may well be one of those. The details of the hardware specifications for the new mobile phone are mysterious, however some details on its apparent display did emerge.
The Nokia N8-00 has a nHD display but the screen on the new Nokia N8-01 may boast a qHD (540 x 960 pixels) in resolution, this would see a huge increase in the quality of the display – which everyone can rejoice about – if the evidence is to be believed of course.
Part of the rumour mill suggests that the new Nokia N8-01 will be fitted with an impressive 1Ghz processor, giving it enough oomph to deal with many of the tasks people do on mobile phones these days. In all fairness, this may well prove to only be a rumour in the end, but it’s interesting to hear the possibilities of the new handsets – such as Apple fans do with their iPhone, which a lot of the time turn out to be true.
If you’re eagerly awaiting a Nokia N8-01, what features would you love to have and what hardware would you come to expect for the phone? I doubt we would see an increase on the 12mega-pixel camera, but it’s definitely possible with the track record Nokia have.
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