Powerful Barcode Reader via BeeTagg QR Reader v3.1 Symbian^3 – Full Version App Download

BeeTagg Reader recognizes 2D barcodes like BeeTagg, QR-Code and Datamatrix. Once the code is detected you will be able to get related content in the Web browser.

To generate your own 2 barcodes go to:

The BeeTagg Multicode Reader – almost certainly the best 2D-Code Reader for mobile phones – has 5 main goals:

● Offer best detection capabilities for BeeTagg Code, QR Code and Datamatrix.
● Support as many handsets as possible and as fast as possible.
● Offer an excellent and intuitive user interface.
● Being customizable or brandable (see below).
● Being extendable (it will be very soon) as this will allow completely new uses and applications.
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