TwimGo v2.7.3 Symbian^3 Signed – Qt based Twitter Client – Free App Download

TwimGo is a Twitter client for Maemo, Symbian and MeeGo devices. It contains all the basic functionality like home, mentions, favourites etc. timelines, search, lists, trends. You can also easily open links and search mentioned hashtags. TwitPic and yFrog photo preview is shown in tweet details.

TwimGo Features:
● Updating of status
● Timelines:
– Home
– Mentions
– Favourites
– Direct
– Public
– Retweets to me
– Retweets of me
● Reply to tweets
● Retweet (instant and editable)
● Mark as favourite
● Search and saved searches
● Lists
● Geo tagging

What’s New (Fixed issues):
● Sometimes starts with wrong font size
● “Load more…” not visible in portrait mode
● Cannot login
● Can’t login to Twitter