SPB Software SPB Time v3.5(3870) Symbian^3 – Free App Download

SPB Time is an advanced, skinnable time toolbox for your phone. Analog and digital clock modes, World clock, timers and stopwatches, and advanced alarms. A lot of time-related functions in this world’s bestselling application! 

SPB Time includes any kind of clock and time tools you would like:

– All inclusive
– Analog and digital clocks
– World time
– Alarms and timers
– Calendar
– Moon phases

Various alarm types to fit your lifestyle:

– Unlimited number of alarms
– Classic alarms
– Bio alarms
– Paranoid alarms
– Reccuring and one-off alarms
– Highly customizable

Both stopwatch and countdown timers are included:

– Stopwatch
– Countdown timers
– Customizable

Highly customizable user interface:

– Online skin catalog
– 50+ FREE themes
– Easy installation
– Animated themes
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(SymbianZone.us)SPB Software SPB Time v3.5 Build 3870 S60v5 S^3.rar
(SymbianZone.us)SPB Software SPB Time v3.5 Build 3870 S60v5 S^3.rar