Protect your Nokia N8 Apps with Password via Melon Security Lock v2.08.118 S60v3 S60v5 Symbian^3 – Free App Download

Security Lock (SL) is the best mobile solution against theft and unwanted access to your phone. This quality app offers unbeatable value for money, giving you the power to protect the important information and personal data on your phone even remotely.

1. With SL you can stop curious friends or intruders from spying on your phone.
How: Lock your phone with a password code.

2. With SL, you can expose a thiefby activating a loud alarm.
How: Set the remote-activation alarm.

3. With SL, you can defend your valuable informationif your phone is lost or stolen.
How: Activate a remote information wipe command via SMS and delete your sensitive data.

4. With SL, you can hide your confidential or sensitive data from everyone.
How: Store all files you want to keep secret in Security Lock’s password-protected storage.

5. It’s as smartand secureas an app can get.
Note: Don’t forget to make regular full backup of your device.

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