Pano Wallpaper v1.00 Symbian^3 Signed – Panoramic Background Effect – Free App Download

Pano Wallpaper is to create a set of wallpapers for Symbian^3’s multiple home screens. Of course, you can do this for yourself with your favourite image editor. However, the benefit of Pano Wallpaper is that it takes all the drudgery out of the task.

If you wanted to create a continuous wallpaper across all of your home screens, let’s consider the practicalities. Of course, you have to cut the image up into contiguous sections. Then you have to take into account the screen geometry. Are you going to go for something that fits perfectly in portrait, but then gets horribly scaled in landscape, or vice versa? Alternatively, will you go for 640×640 square images that get cropped in either orientation but don’t suffer as badly from scaling effects? Once you’ve done that, you have to get the images onto the phone!

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