Nokia Beta Labs Social v1.03(189) Symbian^3 Signed – Nokia N8 – Free App Download

See live updates from your favorite social networks pushed to your home screen. With social-enabled Contacts, now you can see what your friends are up to before you make a phone call. Import Facebook events right into your phone’s calendar. Seamlessly send photos and videos from within your phone’s camera—simply shoot and share! Update your status with location and points-of-interest, making it easier than ever to share news, make plans and stay connected.

Currently supported Facebook features:
– Post status update
– Post status update with location (i.e., the closest address or point of interest, for example, a restaurant, hotel, etc.)
– View Inbox/Sent folder
– View message
– Reply to message
– Compose new message
– Delete message
– Mark read/unread message
– View feed lists and feed items
– View comments associated to a feed item
– Add comments to a feed item
– Add like a feed item
– Unlike a feed item (i.e., remove a “Like” from a feed item)
– Alert counts display (# of unread message, # Friend requests, # Event Invitation)
– View Friends request list
– View Event Invitation list
– Accept/deny friend request
– Accept/deny/maybe an event invitation
– View own/friend’s wall
– View own/friend’s profile information
– Post on friend’s wall (text only)
– Call/send SMS to a friend
– View upcoming event list
– View upcoming birthday list
– Import birthday and event into device calendar
– Upload single photo
– Upload single photo with tags
– Upload multiple photos
– Upload photo/photos to specific album
– View photo albums
– View photos within an album
– View tags on photos
– Upload video
– Friend Search
– View Friend List
– View status updates directly in Contact Card NEW
– Linked contact indicator in Friends list for quick access NEW
– Add caption when sharing pictures from camera NEW
– High res photo uploads NEW
Currently supported Twitter features:
– Post tweet
– View friend’s and own tweet list
– Reply to a tweet
– Favorite/un-favorite a tweet
– Delete own feed
– @mention (own user)
– View friend’s profile, view own profile
– Direct message (Access to Inbox)
– Send a direct message
– Reply to direct message
– Delete a direct message
– View favorite list
– Retweet NEW
– View followers list NEW
Currently supported Renren features:
– Post status
– View friend’s activity updates (includes number of comments and likes)
– View user’s own activity updates
– View comments on status update
– Comment on status update and photo upload feeds
– Upload photo
– View friends’ profile, view own profile
– Friend Search
Whats new with Social 1.3?
Contacts improvement:
– Status update directly in Contact Card
– Linked contact indicator in Friends List
Share improvements:
– Add caption when sharing photos from camera
– Removing photo upload compression > high resolution picture upload
Facebook/Twitter enhancements:
– Retweet
– View followers list
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