BinGoo v1.00 Symbian^3 Qt-Signed – Buzzword Bingo Game – Free Game Download

Getting not so motivated during speeches that are meant to be inspirational? Knowing already what the speaker will say next? Have you heard all of this before? But do you still want to make it a bit more interesting? Play BinGoo, a buzzword bingo application which we created both for Nokia devices supporting Qt and Windows 7 devices. 
There are 3 vocabularies:
– Strategy
– Technology
– Design.

Select the one the speech is about, and choose four buzzwords from the list. Each list has 20 commonly used buzzwords. When the speech begins, listen carefully – and if you hear a word on the list, tap it. When all four words have been mentioned – and you have tapped them away from your list – be proud to shout out BinGoo!

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