Mobile Documents v0.9.20 Beta Symbian^3 – Cloud-Boosted Push Mail – Free Download

MOBILE DOCUMENTS offers Cloud-Boosted Push Mail – fast, easy, nice, intuitive and with a unique feature set that makes it different from any other mobile mail client and experience. Mobile Documents is the only app to do mobile documents, solving the #1 problem in mobile mail, heavy attachments. With unique patent pending remote attachment handling and cherry picking technologies it offers a different user experience and represents a paradigm shift in email. Please download and try it out. Enjoy!

February 14, 2011 – New release available with new features and bug fixes.


Mobile Documents is a full-fledged email client, like on your desktop. It includes two parts: (1) one part in the cloud and (2) one app. To understand, the app can be viewed as a smart remote client on the Nokia phone that securely connects to the the cloud server-side. This means that all heavy stuff remains in the cloud where the heavy-lifting is done. For you that means that Mobile Documents stays in sync with all your primary email account all the time. Emails you send with Mobile Documents will be available on your desktop or web email, just as email you delete will be deleted, read/flag status etc. Here is a list of highlighted features:
  • NEWMulti-Touch Pinch Zoom
  • Touch Double-Tap (toggles between fit-screen and 100%), Long-Press initiates speed zoom mode, Swipe to pan + more in the toolbox
  • Cloud-Boosted Viewing View attachments instantly, without any downloading first (streaming used)
  • Cherry Picking Add attachments from emails (sent or received) and have heavy attachments sent instantly – no download – save 100% on bandwidth, time and cost
  • Save Roaming Cost Read the text of individual doc pages (KB) instead of downloading entire heavy attachments (MB)
  • PIN After providing your password you create a four-digit PIN of your choice. Instead of typing the long password all the time, you just input the short PIN that protects your email. However, your password is never stored on your device (loss/theft of your device – either disable device PIN or change password via web interface).
  • Document Support Images, PDF and Office documents
  • Email Account Support Plug-and-play IMAP and native Microsoft Exchange (but not POP), works with Ovi, Gmail, Yahoo!, GMX and many more (but not yet with Hotmail, Live and MSN)
  • NEWNotification Widget Mobile Documents integrates with the messaging framework in Symbian^3
You might ask yourself, what makes Mobile Documents different? That’s easy. Mobile Documents offers mobile documents. No other email client/service do including Nokia Messaging. There are other differences as well, but that’s something that we leave for you to explore and discover for yourself on your Nokia.

New features for version 0.9.20

  • Support for Exchange 2003, 2007 & 2010 mail accounts
  • Support for Hotmail, Live & MSN accounts
  • Attach files stored on your phone directly to outgoing emails
  • Multi-publish of files to your archives
  • Options when tapping the URL (Copy to clipboard)
  • Edit signature
  • Captcha errors are now shown to the user for Gmail and Google Docs
  • Setting if you want to put your signature on top or last when replying
  • Exit now lets you choose if you still want notifications or not (leaving the service running but closing the UI)
  • Also for S60 3rd edition and Symbian^1 all the new features introduced in version 0.9.19 for Symbian^3 has been added as well.
Bugfixes in version 0.9.20
  • Fring issue now has a work around in all versions. Later when Fring has updated their client this fix will be removed
  • Email widget issue resolved when un-installing Mobile Documents (Symbian^3 only)
  • Animated theme background effects caused the background in the lists to not refresh and garbling the display (Symbian^3 only)
  • When composing you could end up with only half of the screen
  • Next softkey now works in the setup of new mail accounts
  • Grey screen when logging in
  • 1 hour and 2 hour intervals now works
  • Enable autostart / Disable autostart changed to Autostart (On/Off)
  • Numerous other smaller fixes
Known Issues
NOTICE: We don’t support POP3.

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