How to Download Youtube Videos Directly on Symbian^3 – N8, C7, C6-01

For Downloading Youtube Videos on your Symbian^3 Mobile Phone, you will need UC Browser from here and your native web browser or Youtube app from

Youtube app is optional, native web browser works just as well. I will show you how to use native browser as well as Youtube app.

I tried different web browsers and different video downloading sites but all the other sites required the use of Java Downloader9 and none of the symbian web browsers I tried supported that. was the only one that seemed to work without the downloader but it didn’t work well with other web browsers. Until I tried UC Browser…

1. Open the Youtube app and find the video you’d like to download and save onto the phone.

Next click Menu – Copy video link

2. Now open UC Browser.

I was using C6-01 so didn’t have much internal storage memory and that’s why I changed the save location to my SD card (E:\ drive).
In order to do that (or just confirm the save location) click on the middle button on the bottom Menu bar.

Then click Settings – Preferences – Download Settings and select your storage location.

3. Go to

Double click on the green bar (on top of the download button)

If your screen is missing the green download bar, scroll down and click where it says Standard (Pc Version)

In the keyboard click middle button on the Menu bar and select paste.

Link will be copied and confirm with green tick in the corner.

Press download, scroll down a bit and screenshot of the video is displayed.

Under the video screenshot different file formats are available.
Select MP4 (I tried to download MP4 HD 720p, but it didn’t work – then I checked the webpage with PC and same problem. Only MP4 and FLV formats seem to be supported).

New window opens.

Scroll down a bit. Where it says Selected Download format MP4 should have a blue Download button underneath it.

If it is missing (and in my case it was missing every time), press the middle button on the bottom Menu bar and select Refresh.

Now it says Process completed and blue Download button is available.

Click on it and you must decide what to do with the file. Select Save and Downloading begins.

Click on the downloaded file, select Open File and it opens in native video player.

That’s it. Now the Youtube video has been downloaded and saved onto your Symbian ^3 phone.

As mentioned earlier, Youtube app is optional and the video selection can be accomplished with the native web browser.

First select your video.

Now click the middle button on the Menu bar.

Double click on the link and text editor opens.

Select all text and press (you guessed it) the middle button on the Menu bar and select Copy.

Now go back to UC Browser, paste the link to and follow the rest of the instructions.