Bloxter HD 1.5.0 Symbian^3 – Free HD Game Download

Bloxter is a fun arcade/puzzle game, that uses the latest technology to produce stunning 3D graphics. The logic and rules are similar to other “falling blocks” games like Tetris® and Columns™. Even if you’ve never played any of those games, Bloxter is very easy to learn. Drop colored blocks and try to form lines that will react and disappear!

Stunning 3D graphics.
Play in ‘Puzzle Mode’ with classic gameplay and no distractions, or choose the challenging ‘Arcade Mode’ featuring bonus lamps and alien monsters.
Over 30 different boards.
Endless replayability!
Easy to learn (gameplay somewhat similar to games like Columns™ and Tetris®).
Hard to master, since every board requires different tactics and skills.

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