Awesome Desktop for Nokia N8 via N-Desk v2.4.08.02 Build 189 – Registered Version – Symbian^3 Symbian 9.5 – Free App Download

Let N-Desk make you love your Nokia phone more. N-Desk might be the best desktop software for Nokia S60 phones. It is the best option to make your S60 phone better than iphone! By installing N-Desk, you can:
1. Slide your screen amazingly fast and smoothly!
2. Change your applications’ icon position easily!

3. Choose different icon layouts! Supporting 5 rows X 3 columns, 5 X 4, 6 X 3 and 6 X 4. You may not have seen this function in any other S60 desktop soft!
4. Choose any color you want! N-Desk can change all the images to the color you select!

And also N-Desk is:
1. The smallest S60 desktop application, least storage consuming, only 150KB!
2. The least memory consuming application!
3. Very strong desktop application, never crash during my test!

Change Log:
1. Adding notification of new messages.
2. Adding notification of missed calls.
3. Adding notification of bluetooth state.
4. Adding notification of alarm.
5. Compatible with jbk taskman.
6. Closing the Menu when N-Desk is started, which saving 1M of your phone’s memory.
7. Updating of new installed app icon, and uninstalled app icon

How to run this App?
1- Uninstall any version of N-desk
2- Install sis Automatic keyegn and run it then write your key in paper (Needs to be signed)

3- Uninstall keygen and install signed version of N-desk
4- Before enter your serial number Follow developer notes to register successfully as picture below:

If you can’t read from the image above, follow these instructions to get it registered.

  • After noting down your serial number
  • Enter the Settings of N-Desk
  • Click the Change button of Background
  • Click the back for portrait Option
  • Click the Custom Color Option
  • Click back
  • Now you have to enter the serial number
  • Open N-Desk Settings
  • Enter About View
  • Click on Enter Serial Button on the about view
  • Enter the serial which you have generated previously using keygen.
  • After entering serial number, N-Desk would exit to verify the serial.
  • Open N-Desk from the Menu and you’ll notice that its registered version now… 🙂