Syntonetic MoodAgent v2.00(11) Symbian^3 – MOOD-MATCHING PLAYLISTS – Free Download

Match your music to your mood or change your mood with your music. Moodagent automatically analyzes and profiles your music collection, then builds playlists at your command. You simply set the fun and colorful mood and tempo sliders, or start with a favorite song. Discover music you forgot you had.

– Instantly profiles your music based on emotion, mood, genre, sub genre, style, tempo, beat, vocals, instruments and production features
– 5 sliders let you choose the unique mood, rhythm and style of each playlist
– Creates playlists that match the profile of any song
– Automatically profiles as you add new music
– Lets you save and name your favorite playlists
– Lets you remove songs and artists from playlists


First, we want to tell you about the new social sharing features. Now you can broadcast your playlists on Twitter and Facebook, and your Facebook friends will have the added bonus of viewing the entire playlist. Sometimes it’s just easier to let the music speak for you.
We are also happy to tell you that one of your most-requested features – longer playlists – has been incorporated into v2.0. You can now create playlists anywhere from 1-50 songs.

You’ll also find all of the following new features in Moodagent v2.0

– Refresh or create multiple playlists from a single slider setup.
– Lock a track to ensure a particular song appears each time the playlist is refreshed.
– Exclude a track or artist from inclusion in playlists, for example holiday music.
– Label the touchscreen sliders.
– Use the app in English, or localize by selecting Chinese (simplified), Dutch, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian or Spanish.

Note: This application was previously know as Playlist DJ.

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