SMS and Contacts Export Tool v1.01(15) Symbian^3 Signed – Free Full Version App Download

Export Tool is a software which allows you to export your contacts and the SMS messages in external files for use on your PC or for backup purposes.

Export contacts
This option will export the contacts defined in your phone. You can export the contacts as a Text file or as Business cards. If you export as text file, all your contacts information will be written to a external text file. You can save the text file on your phone or send it to your PC. If you export the contacts as Business cards then each contact will be saved separately in its own business card file format (.vcf). The business cards can be sent to PC via bluetooth for backup purposes also. A business card (.vcf file) can be imported back later on your phone by simply sending the file to the Inbox of your phone via bluetooth, infrared or as attachment to e-mails. Click on the business card and the phone will ask you if to import it into your Contacts database.
Export SMS messages
This option will export the SMS messages into a text file. You can choose to export the SMS messages from the Inbox or Sent folders. All marked SMS messages will be exported into one text file in UNICODE format. You can save the file on your phone and send it to your PC for opening, viewing and/or editing.
The exported text files are in UNICODE format. Most of the text editors support opening UNICODE text files. You can open and view the text files using text editors like Microsoft Word, Open Office, Notepad and other similar text editors.
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