NetQin Mobile Guard v3.0 for Symbian^3 – N8, E7, C6-01 and C7 – Free Download

NetQin Mobile Security is a total mobile security solution, protecting your device from viruses, malware and spyware, while keeping your system running at optimum speed. Our award-winning twin-engine technology (cloud + client) provides fast and effective virus scanning and removal to keep your system free of viruses and malware. This app also includes Contacts Back-up and Anti-Lost to help you locate your phone if it’s lost or stolen. NetQin Mobile Security is certified by West Coast Labs Checkmark. Compatible with S^3 / Anna / Belle Smart Phones.

Anti-virus Scan, detect and kill viruses with award winning twin-engine (Cloud + Client) anti-virus scanning technology! Now packed with multiple scanning options (One- touch scan, Full scan, Scheduled scan, Real-time protection)! Enjoy browsing with the assurance that malicious websites rendered in the browsers are being block, and malicious URLs in messages with remote control-like functions,providing worldwide protection for financial losses and privacy leakage. ‘Anti-lost’ allows users to locate a lost phone,sound an alarm on it, and trace where exactly it is. If the user gives up on the possibility of getting the device back, the content on the phone can be completely deleted via simple remote commands sent to the phone.
*Traffic Monitoring With expensive data rates and wanting to get the most out of a smartphone, people often go over their monthly data limit, resulting in unexpected high phone bills. With this new feature, real-time info of data usage on your device and cap a maximum data usage limit to make sure you never go over your limit. *Contacts Backup Backup and restore contacts to an SD card or to server. This allows users to retrieve their complete contact list to the same or a different device, making sure the loss of a device does not equate to the lost of precious contacts.

1. First install “1. N8FanClub.com_NetQin-PRO-v5.0.62_signed.sisx” & then over write it with “2. N8FanClub.com_NetQin_PRO-v5.6.6_signed.sisx
2. After that navigate to messaging app of your phone and open settings and change the”Message Center Number” For instance .If the message center number is “+112519012345″ change it to”00” and save it.
3. Now start the application and in options go to “UPDATE”. It will pop a meassage Like “Your virus definition has expired,update to the latest virus definItion : XXXXXXX for 200 Qin Coins Select “Yes” to supplement 200 Qin Coins, this will cost you XXXX ……………..etc etc etc ………..” Simply click on OK (Don’t worry no charges will be deducted because the application sends a message to deduct the balance and we have already changed the message center number so as the message is never delivered and in the mean time the antivirus is updated)
4. BINGO !!! The application is now up-to-date without you buying the software.Now you can navigate to to the messaging app and in the”outbox” you can find a message “delete it” and finally reset your messaging center number to default.
5. Now every-time you want to update the software just follow the above steps and get up to date Netqin Antivirus v 5.0 Protection for free and that too for LIFE!