Long Term Evolution (LTE) – Warm Welcome to the Fastest Ever Technology

http://conversations.nokia.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/01/8-reasons-lte-1501.pngSome call it simply, “4G” Long Term Evolution, but LTE is the next generation of mobile network technology. What you need to know is that LTE is fast. Blazing fast. Up to 100 Mbps fast. That’s a 10x increase over HSPDA! Nokia believes that LTE will be the most widely adopted wireless broadband technology and is committed to the technology.

What would you do with all that speed? Here’s 8 ideas…
1. Higher Definition Video – Here’s a no-brainer. More bandwidth means higher resolution video. For both downloading and uploading.
2. Real time gaming – Everyone knows that lag kills online gaming. LTE takes a serious stab at lag. Look for better, more complex mobile gaming with richer 3D-graphics.
3. The Cloud – True cloud-based computing on the mobile isn’t possible until you have lighting fast speeds.
4. File Transfers – Say goodbye to syncing your mobile with a laptop! Transfer large files from anywhere, anytime.
5. File Server – Remember “Mobile Web Server” for S60? It turned your phone into a file server….for several people simultaneously. With LTE, it could support a whole lot more people.
6. Multiple Downloads – Downloading a podcast over 3G isn’t bad. But what about downloading a podcast while streaming audio and uploading a video of your dog Oggie? Woof!
7. Replace Home Internet Connection – You’re paying for an ADSL connection at home and a data plan for your mobile. That’s pricey. You may only need LTE.
8. Improved Video Calls – How often do you make video calls on the go? Probably not that often. Would higher quality video through LTE help?
Any of you excited about LTE? What would you do with the increased speed?