KillerMobile TxT Tones v2.10.1 Symbian^3 – Free Full Version Download

TxtTones Easily Set Personalized Incoming SMS Tones for every contact just like you can for your ring tones with TxT Tones! Set TxT Tones for Single Contacts, Numbers, Groups or even from your Call & SMS Logs. Supports AMR, Native Ring Tones & MP3 format audio files, as well as a handy “Mute Tone” option. New tone discovery options in v2.0 allow you to quickly search native ring tones, auto scan, or manually search KOS


  • Silent Profile Override
  • Tone Volume Control
  • Tone Playback Time Setting

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[]KillerMobile TxT Tones v2.10.1 S60v3 S60v5 S^3