Kenvast Software Touch Hider v1.20.12 S^3 Symbian OS 9.5 – Free App Download

Touch Hider is a smart and handy tool for hiding files within your mobile.

Do you have any images or videos that should not be watched by others from your mobile? Have you been ever worried that some one may see some of your private documents within your mobile? Just sit back and relax! Touch Hider does all for you.

Touch Hider applies hidden attribute for files that you don’t want the others seen from your mobile in batches in a very easy way. With hidden attribute, pictures, songs, videos and all your private documents will not list in Nokia integrated File Manager, Nokia integrated Media Gallery and Nokia Photo Browser applications, etc.
Just find the file, tap a button, hide it!
In Touch Hider, any hide or unhide operation on a file will add one index in the Hider Index. The Hider Index records and collects all your hidden file indexes. You can manage all your hidden files in just the Hider index view in a centralized way: to hide, to unhide, to open, and to switch to the original file.
1. For N97, N97 mini and C6, the application Photos is integrated instead of Media Gallery. The files with hidden attribute will show on N97, N97 mini and C6 for now because of the special mechanism for showing  files of hidden attribute in these mobiles.
2. If you install some of the third party applications that has the ability to show files with hidden attribute, the files with hidden attribute will show within such third party applications.
Here are some key features of “Touch Hider (S60 5th Edition)”:
· Apply hidden attribute to files in batch and fast way
· Hide or unhide files in Nokia integrated Media Gallery, Nokia integrated File Manager and Nokia Photo Browser application
· Hider List: Hide or Unhide operation on a file will add an index automatically, Hide or Unhide operation on the index does same as on the original file, Remove an index will not effect the original file, Fast switch between the Hider Index and the folder of the original file
· Fast accessing file: open file, remove file, browse file
· Protect hidden files index list by password
· Support physical keyboard operation for all application functions by shortcut
· Context Sensitive help
· Support landscape and portrait screen mode
· Symbian S60 5th Edition / S^3
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