ITAgents Theft Aware v2.01 Symbian^3 – Nokia N8, E7, C6-01, C7 – Free Download

· Automatically enable GPS if disabled (Symbian, Android >= 1.6 non-rooted or Android >= 1.5 rooted): the GPS system will be enabled automatically if disabled when querying GPS data. After the query the system will be put back to its original state again.

· GPS indicator icon: the GPS indicator will be hidden during GPS queries: the GPS indicator will only be shown for a very short time period and will be hidden by Theft Aware as quickly as possible.
· GPS timeout: it is now possible to modify the timeout limit for GPS queries.
· Network based locationing: Theft Aware will now try to use network based locationing if no GPS fix can be acquired.
· Auto-configure internet settings: Theft Aware is now able to use network positioning on Symbian reliably. This was a problem in the past because A-GPS and network positioning require internet access. If a SIM card is changed, internet connectivity settings change as well. Because of this A-GPS and network positioning is not able to work anymore – it will cause (as today in competitive anti theft products) unwanted popups and alerts that will alert thiefs. Unique in Theft Aware 2.0: in this case Theft Aware will search for valid internet connection points and if it finds any, it will automatically reconfigure the GPS module to use that valid settings to make A-GPS and network positioning work again.
· Continuous GPS tracking: an extension to the UPDATE command now lets you get continuous location updates from the phone. You can configure the update interval in minutes.
· New map type: Theft Aware : The new map type Theft Aware will generate a map link that will forward you to the Theft Aware servers for advanced mapping functionality (e.g. the link will also work on mobile phones and provide cell ID position tracking if no GPS data were available).
SMS Remote Control:
· Full SMS configuration: All Theft Aware settings can be changed by SMS command now.
· 3rd party SMS tools (only relevant for Android): Theft Aware will now monitor 3rd party SMS tools automatically. This means that those tools no longer will display remote control SMS.
· Launch programs via SMS: you can now launch programs on the target phone via SMS command.
· SMS message upon low battery state: Theft Aware can now inform you per SMS if the phone has low battery states and will soon be offline. This feature can be switched on or off.
· Launch and shut down Theft Aware interface: launch and shut down the Theft Aware configuration interface via SMS.
· Network strength: Theft Aware notification SMS now contain information about signal strength.
· Battery strength (only relevant to Symbian): Theft Aware notification SMS now contain information about battery strength.
· Get recent call/SMS log entries: Theft Aware now allows you to query recent SMS and call log entries by SMS, which means you can access the telephone event log.
· Limit SMS query amount: when querying SMS messages, Theft Aware now accepts a limit of returned entries. This protects you from receiving potentially thousands of SMS messages.
· Configurable callback: the CALL command is now able to call any specified phone number.
Root Features:
· Full support for rooted phones (only relevant to Android): Theft Aware 2.0 offers unique support for rooted phones. You are able to install Theft Aware as system application very easily in the setup tool. Also within Theft Aware you are able to update Theft Aware as system application. Additionally you are able to store Theft Aware settings hard reset proof on the system drive (see Advanced Options) if Theft Aware was installed as system application. Additionally Theft Aware is now supporting ClockworkMOD Rom Manager.
Phone Lock:
· Phone settings access control (only relevant to Android): it is now possible to prohibit access to the phone settings or the program manager by using Theft Aware. This will prevent uninstallation of Theft Aware by using the program manager.
· Custom lock text: you may now specify your own text that is shown if the phone is locked.
Data Wipe:
· Data wipe if USB connected (only relevant to Android): In competing tools a wipe of the external memory card on the phone can only be done if the memory card is not shared to the PC (eg. by USB) – this means it could happen that data is left unwiped. Theft Aware now is able to wipe memory cards even if they are shared. This makes sure that the wipe really erases all data.
SIM Cards:
· Trust more than one SIM card: Theft Aware is now able to trust an unlimited number of SIM cards.
Stealth Mode:
· Hidden callback: Theft Aware now hides outgoing calls in the best possible way.
User Interface:
· Advanced settings: Advanced (optional) settings now are separated from basic (mandatory) settings.
· View log files (only relevant to Symbian): Theft Aware now offers an easy option to view the debug log files in order to support you and our company in handling any problems you may have with Theft Aware.
· Enter notification number directly (only relevant to Android): it is now possible to not only select notification numbers from the phone book, but also to enter them directly.
· New help system: the help system of Theft Aware was reworked completely.
· Licensing: The licensing menu as well as the purchase process were optimized.
In-App Update:
· Application updates (only relevant to Android): Theft Aware is now able to weekly check for software-updates. The check can also be started manually. Software updates can be installed directly within the program, also the settings you’ve done before are not being lost but are taken over to the updated version.
· Internet activation (only relevant to Symbian): you can now activate your license via internet connection. Additionally it is still possible to activate the license by SMS.
· SMS activation (only relevant to Android): you can now activate your license via SMS. Additionally it is still possible to activate the license via internet connection.
· Time model: The trial of Theft Aware is now based on a time model and is no longer dependent on phone restarts.
· Chinese translation (only relevant to Symbian): Theft Aware 2.0 for Symbian is now also available in Simplified Chinese.
Internet Remoting:
· Internet Remoting: Theft Aware 2.0 is now prepared for our new internet remoting feature (Theft Aware for Android and Nokia Symbian).
· The UPDATE command sometimes crashed Theft Aware. This is fixed now.
· Critical bug fixed (only relevant to Symbian): Some customers were not able to launch Theft Aware by calling their access code. This bug was fixed.
About Registration:
  • After Installation Of Theft Aware Don’t Open it.
  • Install “[email protected]” Given in RAR File
  • That’s it..!
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