How to: Take Macro Shots from Full Focus Camera

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Nokia is now pushing new generation of Full Focus technology on some of their devices because of the necessity for slimmer design and other purposes. But the main caveat to consider is the lack of auto-focus leaving only up to 50cm for minimum full focus on still images. It may sound like a drawback for other people but it has definitely an advantage in many areas.

Due to the increased focusing distance of this camera module, other sacrifices arises. One thing to consider is the ability for a close-up shot of small subjects and the absence of bokehlicious background/foreground in other events. But I have here one simple solution to share and make you temporarily escape the envy you have for auto-focus camera.

Magnifying Glass plus Nokia C7 (full focus) combo
The only key to somehow reduced the focusing distance is to magnify your subject. Of course by using a magnifying glass that you could purchase in school supply stores or hardware tools section in a mall. For just a couple of quid you could have a fine clear magnifying glass. And the play is to attached by rubber band or manually hold the magnifier and the phone itself.
For the product of this  combination you would get up to 50% less of the minimum full focus distance (10-36cm from 50cm min) required by Full Focus camera modules on these Nokia devices. You just need a little effort by adjusting the best position on getting closer focus to the subject. And since you are on the magnifying glass the flash will be not suitable for this event.
This also applies not only to Nokia C7 but the rest with the Full Focus cameras like Nokia E7 and Nokia C6-01. Also, you get more of macro from Nokia N8 when you do this.
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