How to: Download and Directly Save *.sis Files from OVI Store To PC



1st Step

Visit OVI Store website
Login using your registered account

Choose application that you want to download
There’s Send to friend button, click it and you will see the URL in the URL bar like this: … -to-friend
Replace the send-to-friend text with download, so the result will be like this: … 6/download
Download will begin, don’t mind the extension for now, just save it to your desired location


2nd Step
Open that downloaded file (* or * using Notepad++  || [] || and perform the following procedure:

Remove these 3 lines text from that downloaded file:
Content-Type: x-epoc/x-sisx-app
Content-Transfer-Encoding: bina

Using: Notepad++ || [] ||

After Editing

Save the file
Remove *.dm from the file extension, so it will be *.sis or *.sisx only

Now copy that file to your phone, and run the file to install.