Shortcuts while Using Bluetooth / USB Keyboard with Nokia N8

Following my tryst with using a USB mouse with the N8, the natural next step is to try out a keyboard. Yes, the N8 also works with a wired USB keyboard apart from a bluetooth one.
Using a keyboard on the N8 was a revelation. Typing on the phone really did become a lot more easier and it proved my conviction that I am not all that comfortable typing on the software QWERTY keyboard of the N8. Using a keyboard and a mouse on the N8 connected to a HDTV, is, what I would call, absolute Tech Nirvana!
Using the keyboard to navigate around the phone is not as easy as using your fingers and the touch UI, of course, but knowing a few shortcuts can help you find your way much faster. The below are some of the shortcuts that I found while using a keyboard with the N8:

CTRL + ALT + DEL brings up Power Key menu. I really liked this one and it was unexpected.
Right Windows Key, CTRL+ Left arrow – Left Softkey
Left Windows key( if present), Right Click button (if present), CTRL + Right arrow – Right soft key
F1 – Browser
F2 – Messaging
Typing numbers on the homescreen brings up the dialler
Alt + Tab – Switch between Homescreen and menu.
Backspace in Task manager to close open applications, delete in applications like photos
Are there any more that you know of?