Offscreen Games Pack for Symbian^3 – Nokia N8, C6-01, E7 and C7 – Free Download

This is the predecessor of the modern game “Pinball”.Pull the plunger to throw balls and earn points! You can play alone and together!

This is the traditional checkers board game. Challenge your friend in two player mode or play against the computer.

Quick reaction and fast fingers needed! This is a speed test, do you want to compete? The objective of the game is to press buttons in the correct order and to gain points as quickly as possible. Challenge your friends or beat the high-score.

Play Classic Chessboard game using a virtual chessboard for two. Use Chessboard for chess tournament with friends. Set the duration of the game by rotating the dial of the chess clock at the start. Game assists game play by enforcing the rules.

Mine Sweeper Touch v1.0

Caution: mine! Challenge yourself in the classic game Minesweeper for sensor devices. The aim of the game is to clear the field of mines, not blow them up. The game has three difficulty levels: 10, 15 or 20 minutes of a minefield. To mark and neutralize the mine, press square a few times.

Compete against time and challenge yourself with a classic Freecell card game on a touch screen device. As all cards are visible at the start, it is mainly a game of skill.

This is Classic Peg Solitaire board game. It features fast and accurrate touch operation with on-screen Timer for self-challenges. Instructions: move marbles one by one, into a hole two positions away. Play game by moving marbles one by one into a hole two positions away making the jumped marble to disappear. The goal of the game is to have only one marble remaining. The shortest time used solving the game is displayed in the bottom of the page.

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