Nokia N8 Hacked for Installing Unsigned Applications / Games

The below post is only for experienced modders not for end users
Nokia N8 is finally hacked by the install server method. This method is implemented by CodeRUS modder from Symbian-Freak forums. You cant normally install this hack. The installserver MOD is need to be injected in UDA file of the N8 firmware. The firmware can be edited by the Nokia Firmware Cooker / Builder we posted before. By using this MOD you can install unsigned apps. But it dont open the system/hidden folders of the Symbian. We are waiting for IlSocio aka Marco to release RomPatcher app and Open4all MOD.

How to do this all?

Modify the .uda file of Nokia N8’s Firmware with Nokia Cooker v0.5 and insert installserver.exe inside sys/bin folder, repack .uda file and flash it on Nokia N8 with JAF.

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