Nokia C7 Symbian^3 RM-675 Hacked UDA Firmware – Dead USB Flashing Guide with Phoenix

This tutorial would help you hack your Nokia C7 RM-675 Symbian^3 SmartPhone and would allow you to install unsigned applications / games / themes on your Nokia C7 without any certificate error.

1. Download original flash files using navifirm for RM-675 (search)
2. Copy all the files to “c:/program files/nokia/phoenix/product/RM-675” folder
3. Open Phoenix set usb to No connection (Use this Phoenix Service Software 2010.24.008.43820)
4. Now clicking on file menu open product RM-675
5. Click on fimware flashing menu and choose the product code in popup menu
6. Click on dead usb here

7. Click down on “options” and a new popup window open with all flashing files clcik on “edit” and delete the original uda and mmc files from here
8. Now click on “add” and chose the path of cfw uda downloaded from links below
9. Set the paremeter to “content” backup/refurbrish
10. Close popup window
11. Remove battery from C7 and connect to usb
12. Click on “Refurbrish”
13. A warning about a file is missing and balh..balh…click ok(ignore)
14. Insert the battery in device u r flashing is started seat back and let all be done !!

For Download Links, Please visit SymbianZone