Key Benefits of 12 MP Camera in Nokia N8 big buzz when Nokia introduced the 12 MP on Nokia N8 was not about the big numbers imprinted on the back, but it was the sensor size that made it so special. Because cramming a bigger mega pixel on a small sensor is like a sandwich of ostrich’s sunny side up egg between two loafs of bread – but not in the case of N8’s sensor.
The 12MP is an advantage.
In the case of 12MP count on the sensor of Nokia N8, the advantages on still image were outnumbered the previous problems that we saw and experienced on the previous camera phones like the Satio. On the past, we get more noise, more noise, and more noise on still image…until we break the barrier of making a larger sensor and upgrading optics on it like Carl Zeiss that we found on N8. A hell big breaker on technology that camera phones have now a days.
1. Freedom of Cropping.
What’s the first advantage of having the bigger pixel is the extent to far greater cropping image factor. Because when you got a 12 MP resolution image file it is much more easier to crop image as you are not worried on getting more pixelations and noise visibility on your image.
An example below a 9 MP shot from N8. If you want to download full image resolution just hit my Ovi Share album here.
1d793109dff34ae68cba379d15758c16 The Basic Multimedia Benefits from the 12MP of Nokia N8
be8acd47bf564ce49b2ef6371bcbf02b The Basic Multimedia Benefits from the 12MP of Nokia N8
2. Choosing HD-ier Aspect Ratio.
The drawbacks on the lower mega pixel count is of course the lack of superiority on getting HD ratio images. As to the Nokia N8, you will get a 4:3 at 12 MP and a touting 16:9 at 9 MP. Or in a basic way of abc you get more square shape on the ratio of your image at 12 MP as equal to its sensor shape, and a more rectangular at 9 MP as the sensor diminishes its upper and lower sensor pixels.
See the sample images below.
26bbd44d7ce540eb88fa6d832bba87a1 The Basic Multimedia Benefits from the 12MP of Nokia N8
A 12 MP shot at 4:3 ratio.
c0bd68617f9b4f698f493a3aa6932990 The Basic Multimedia Benefits from the 12MP of Nokia N8
A 9 MP shot at HD ratio.
3. Convenient on Printing
In this case, the pixel count and the quality of the image from the top-notch performance of N8 are just the great way to enhance your printing hobbies. Again, getting more pixel and excellent image quality are just another way to put your shots on larger materials for individual or corporate purposes.
nokia n8 camera settings
Nokia N8 Image Quality info:
  • 12M –  Use for large sized prints up to 20×16 in
  • 9M – Use for large sized prints up to 20×12 in
  • 3M – Use for large sized prints up to 10×8 in
  • 1.3M – Use for large sized prints up to 6×4 in
  • 0.3m – for MMS purposes