Custom Firmware for Nokia N8 has been released by CODeRUS at Daily Mobile Forum

Nokia N8: First modded firmware (CFW) is here
It was bound to happen! DailyMobile’s forum user CODeRUS and a few more people managed to release the first CFW modded firmware for the Nokia N8. You can find the changelog / new features after the break!

  • removed Show open applications from the top of menus
  • disabled Charging notes
  • removed FM transmitter on/off notifications
  • removed Leave offline mode query to access network. Only for power key event! *
  • bluetooth stays on when switching to offline mode
  • added fixed FileBrowser S^3 (full access to filesystem) **
  • built-in File manager can see sys, resource and edit private folders. also can see root of C drive.
  • Lock screen and keyboard replaced by Reboot phone
  • starup tone and mbm animation moved to C drive
  • my own installserver for installing unsigned with all capabilities
You can download the new firmware from our forums symbian^3 modding section.
Note: use the modded firmware at your own risk. You may damage your phone!
[Thx  Andrea and CODeRUS]