Review of Pros and Cons of The New Nokia N8

Review of Pros and Cons of The New Nokia N8 by (Kranthi Gurram)
1. Look and feel is awesome.
2. Sound quality is superior as compared to previous models (There is not of much change in the music interface)
3. Touch screen response time is fair enough, I would not say the best…
4. Customizing
5. USB on the go
6. Stunning image quality
The list is endless about the Pros and its now available all over the internet… What nobody would cover is CONS.. So let me jump there as per my observation:

1. Some heavy games like Need for Speed takes a tremendous time to load (Aprox 3-4mins). Once loaded everything works fine.
2. lots of free apps from Ovi store
3. Selecting the connectivity is tedious.. Usually when we use an application that uses internet it should ask for access point, but in this case it doesn’t inspite of specifying as “Ask when needed”… This is the most frustrating till now… So the applications will automatically pickup of the default connection which we used last time.
4. The swiping feature of the Images is sometimes unresponsive. (I guess this happened when I loaded 2GB of Images, Some heavy OVI country specific maps, and 3GB Video files)
5. Nokia included charging the phone via USB data cable, but it took almost 3.5Hrs for full charge !!
6. I have noticed a weird thing, whenever I connect to few WiFi networks the phone gets hanges and doesn’t respond… In this case I have to force shutdown the device. Then it works fine and it repeats everytime i connect to same network. Also it disables the router! Surprising isn’t it? The only option is again to reboot the router.. (I will discuss this with the technical Nokia support team, lets see the response). For few other Wifi networks it worked fine….
7. The battery is okay… on full charge, the battery lasted for 15-17 hrs with Music, Wifi plus some calls.
8. The touch screen sometimes doesn’t respond to swipes, or by tapping the back button while watching videos or pics (This is not an issue currently as there might be a fix very soon in Software updates)