Nokia N8 to be Officially Launched in Chennai – India on October 13, 2010

After a long wait we finally got a chance to play with Nokia N8 in a Nokia Priority Dealer located at Express Avenue Chennai. The first thing we impressed is the build quality. It was so good. The Nokia N8 alumiunum build feels great in hand.

Symbian^3 Awesomeness:
The symbian^3 is not a entire new experience. But i promise its the fastest symbian on Earth. No hangs in application startups or homescreen. Homescreen feels so good. The three homescreen is good but we feel Nokia should have done something different in homescreen rather than same homescreen as Symbian^1. The Symbian new taskmanager is good but we feel it takes some ram. The app management is so good. In the Nokie N8 we tried opening some 12 apps no hangs or slowdown in system. We hope it can run more apps without hangs.
Nokia N8 Camera The 12MegaPixel Monster:
The Camera is mindblowing. We took N86 to compare the camera of N8. The colours the N8 brings is so good. The default camera settings of N8 is set to 9MP. We tried some snaps the camera brings out some great details and colors. The 12mp photos brings super detailing than 9MP snaps. The Xenon feels so good. The camera app is so fast it takes three seconds to shoot a snap.
Nokia N86 Snap:
Nokia N8 Snap:
Nokia N8 Features:
We just tested out the Nokia N8 USBOTG we are blown away by that geek cool feature. Its so handy..
More to Come soon… Video Previews too…
Guess What we have been invited to Official Nokia Launch Event in Chennai on October 13th.