Transform Any Screen Into A Touch Screen via Nokia N8

This is a sort of proof of concept demo by the Nokia Research Centre showing how using the N8′s camera you can turn any screen (this time a TV screen) into a full touch experience.

Imagine how this could transform presentations, particularly in schools, universities and small businesses. Instead of paying thousands of pounds for interactive whiteboards, you have this Nokia to do it for you. (Plus it’s also your Digital Camera, HD video cam corder, games machine, video player, web browser – well, etc).
It’s an early build and it’s not yet utterly polished. But you can see eventually that it works. Eventually, it may not need to be fixed in a clamp (just facing the screen without too much rigorous constraint) and the interaction would be faster and more fluid and perhaps even not requiring a cable (via WiFi, DLNA connection perhaps). Right now all you need here is the touch application.