New Snapshots taken by Nokia N8’s 12MP Cam

These Are Photo samples Directly from the Nokia N8 with its great 12.1MP camera and as we said (UNTOUCHED!) thats mean we didn’t Edit, Modify, Fix Or change Anything on the Photos color OR Quality. Enjoy the Photos!
It keeps objects located between 60cm and infinity sharply focused. This limits how close objects can be to the Nokia N8 when you shoot them, but this approach has the advantage of never letting all other subject get out of focus.
Nokia’s audio engineers also had a role to play in the camera tuning – make the audio captured along with the videos as good as possible. They use the two microphones (one on the front and one on the back) of the Nokia N8.
They’ve implemented new algorithms that can handle anything from quiet sounds to very loud ones. The front facing microphone (on the display side) is very good at capturing speech, which is vital for videos where you narrate as you shoot. Another set of algorithms works to reduce wind noise, further improving the audio quality.