Best Call Notes v2.00(0) Symbian^3 N8 – E7 – C6 – C7 – Full Version SiS/SiSx App Download

Best Call Notes allows you to take notes during a call. Notes can be tagged to the person you are speaking with and can be easily accessed when you have a conversation with this contact next time. Also you can create global notes to be accessible during any call. The program provides an easy access to any note taken during a call. You may browse, edit or pre-create notes for a contact at any time.
Additionally it provides small but handy functions to improve your calling experience like call duration timer, instant call back or sms send, view contact details you are speaking with, unknown numbers fast shipping to new or existing contacts, creating calendar events right after a call, etc

The application does not substitute your phone dialer or any your phone functionality you are used to. It integrates itself into the system and extends the functionality of calling and after calling process in native S60 way.
Features include:
Does not interfere in your normal calling experience – it’s on when needed only
Browse/edit/create notes during a call
Tagging notes to contacts or a phone number
Global notes
Notes browser that you can access at any time
Call duration timer
Call back function
SMS back function
View contact details of the person you are speaking with during the call
Create calendar event after a call
Add unknown number to your contacts after a call
Service based application – works in background and is absolutely transparent to the user
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