eRBook Reader 1.1.1 for Nokia N8 & Symbian Belle Smartphones

eRBook is fully-featured Readability client for Nokia N8 & Symbian Belle smartphones. With eRBook you can easily: • Manage your articles • Add article • Mark/Unmark as favorite • Mark/Unmark as readed • Delete article All data are cached. You don't need internet connection for reading. In the settings you can set: • Auto syncing On/Off • Theme • Font size, sorting settings etc... Download N8FanClub.com_eRBook_v1.1.1_Signed.sis N8FanClub.com_eRBook_v1.1.1_Signed.sis N8FanClub.com_eRBook_v1.1.1_Signed.sis N8FanClub.com_eRBook_v1.1.1_Signed.sis

Facebook Chat – FChat 1.0.3 for Nokia N8 & Belle smartphones

The fastest, coolest, simplest and the most beautiful chat for Facebook, that works on Nokia N8 & Symbian Belle smartphones. You can chat with your online friends and you can also search offline friends and send messages to them too! - Home screen widget - Notification light when screen locked - White and black theme! - Adjustable font size! - ...

Flatastic Theme for Nokia N8 & Belle smartphones – Free Theme Download

Flatastic Theme for Nokia N8 is Flat, Simply black theme with light blue color elements. Features: - Light and fast Theme - New Flatastic icon pack with cover over 1800 TPI and system - Flat element Download N8FanClub.com_Flatastic_theme_signed.sis N8FanClub.com_Flatastic_theme_signed.sis N8FanClub.com_Flatastic_theme_signed.sis N8FanClub.com_Flatastic_theme_signed.sis

myWeather 1.2 for Nokia N8 & Belle smartphones – Free App Download

Get weather conditions and 4 days forecast for almost any location with the help of myWeather App for Nokia Symbian Belle smartphones. Download N8FanClub.com_myWeather_v1.2_Signed.sis N8FanClub.com_myWeather_v1.2_Signed.sis N8FanClub.com_myWeather_v1.2_Signed.sis N8FanClub.com_myWeather_v1.2_Signed.sis

Nu, Pogodi 1.3 for Nokia N8 & Belle smartphones – Signed Game Download

"Nu, pogodi!" is a clone of classic Russian handheld game. Catch the eggs rolling from four roosts until the game gets too fast for you.Game instructions: Place the wolf in correct position by pressing correct quarter of the touchscreen. The game ends if you drop three eggs. If the rabbit is looking out of the window ...

R.A.F Black Theme for Nokia N8 & Belle smartphones – Free Download

R.A.F Black Theme offers excellent readability and unique golden icons on black background. This theme also lets you save your phone's battery life. The color combination is quite well and you'll surely like this theme on your Nokia N8 or any other Nokia Symbian Belle smartphone. Download N8FanClub.com_RAF_Black_Rev_by_Lao_Stia_signed.sis N8FanClub.com_RAF_Black_Rev_by_Lao_Stia_signed.sis N8FanClub.com_RAF_Black_Rev_by_Lao_Stia_signed.sis N8FanClub.com_RAF_Black_Rev_by_Lao_Stia_signed.sis

Brown Wood Theme for Nokia N8 & Belle smartphones – Free Download

Brown Wood theme with latest brown-colored Nokia Anna Belle iconset. Features: 1. 1529 third party icons including latest apps, games & folder icons. 2. New soft to touch elements, amazing contrast. Download N8FanClub.com_BrownWood_signed.sisx N8FanClub.com_BrownWood_signed.sisx N8FanClub.com_BrownWood_signed.sisx N8FanClub.com_BrownWood_signed.sisx

Nokia Birthday Manager 10.0 for Nokia N8 & Belle smartphones – Signed App Download

Birthday Manager helps you to manage birthdays of your families, friends, colleagues and business partners, and reminds you when their birthday is coming. It can send pre-defined Birthday blessing SMS to your contacts automatically. Its main features are listed below. - Easy importing birthday info. from Phonebook - Auto sending blessing SMS yearly - Pre-defined Birthday blessing SMS ...

10Tons King Oddball 1.0.5 for Nokia N8 & Belle smartphones – Signed Game Download

The King swings a boulder back and forth with his tongue and you get to release it by tapping on the screen. Time the release accurately and crush as many targets as possible with each boulder. - Single tap gameplay - More than 120 levels + secrets! - 15 achievements - Eccentric art style - Original music by Jonathan Geer Download N8FanClub.com_10tons_Ltd._King_Oddball_1.0.5_Belle_signed.sis N8FanClub.com_10tons_Ltd._King_Oddball_1.0.5_Belle_signed.sis N8FanClub.com_10tons_Ltd._King_Oddball_1.0.5_Belle_signed.sis N8FanClub.com_10tons_Ltd._King_Oddball_1.0.5_Belle_signed.sis

PodCatcher 1.10 for Nokia N8 & Belle smartphones – Signed App Download

Podcatcher is the leading podcast downloader and player for Symbian. Podcatcher lets you easily subscribe to audio and video feeds and keep track of new and old shows. Download

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