Motorola Droid Clock Widget with weather & battery meter for Nokia N8 & Belle Refresh smartphones – Free Download

Motorola style digital clock widget for Nokia N8 & Belle refresh smartphones is capable of showing the weather update as well as the available battery percentage meter. This widget can only be used with hacked / jailbroken smartphone having rompatcher already installed. Warning: Modding the device is only for pro users & will solely be at your own risk. N8 Fan Club won’t be held responsible if anything goes wrong.

1. Hacked / Jailbroken Phone (For Belle Refresh only)
2. Run ROM Patcher & Apply installserver & open4all patches
3. Install Moto droid and tiny battery widget and copy private & data folders to C:/Phone Memory
4. Enjoy the new motorola style digital clock widget (Never try to change its position, else it will be messed up and you’ll have to follow the above mentioned steps again in order to bring back its look.)



    HELP PLEASE! i am trying to install this beautiful widget on my phone but i am getting some errors! see how it looks like .please help!

  • Bronwin Page

    Hi need advise please. My Nokia N8 screen is not working properly I can’t even get past entering my pin code. When pressing the code say for example 0 then a different digit appears or pressing 7 all 7’s appears could it be that I have to replace my entire touch screen.

  • Mikhail Kriel