Facebook for Every Phone 3.4.1 Nokia N8 S^3 Anna Belle Download

Facebook for every phone app for Symbian and other Java/J2ME supporting phones (including the new Belle Refresh/FP2 devices – Nokia N8, 808, 603, 701, 700, 500, E7, C6-01, X7, C7 & E6) has been updated to version 3.4.1 recently. There are several bug fixes and speed enhancements in Facebook for every phone java application. It is compatible with S^3 / Anna / Belle Smart Phones. Special thanks to Rene for sharing it.

The FB Java app has a very basic set of features and limited functionality which might be good for cheap, feature phones but certainly not enough for Symbian devices. However its been quite fast & responsive to use Facebook with their native application. Its indeed very sad that Facebook have not developed a native Symbian app. Fortunately there are some 3rd party apps to fill this void and fMobi is perhaps the best of these.

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  • Hiduken

    avast tell me :
    Virus 🙁

    • We do not serve viruses on our site to our valued users. Better upload that file on some online scanner service & you’ll come to know the results.

  • Christian Tacocong

    error when installing… my 808 is hacked.. im using fmobi….

  • VK

    I think this site is a scam. All I get when I try an download any of these Apps is virus detection warnings and pop-up screens for scam sites. 🙁 Also If these Apps are legit why are they not on the new Opera Store? Facebook App for example the latest on the Store is 2.9 yet here they are saying 3.4.1 Way higher! Time to go HTC I think and just be done with this old POS Nokia N8 phone. Time to hit it with a hammer and fix it properly! 🙁 .-.-.

    • Every app on our site is updated one. Please have a look on our Facebook page; 64000 people aren’t fans of scam site. Before criticising anyone; do your homework research.