Power Patch for Official Nokia Belle Refresh & Belle FP2 – Apply Theme Effects, Kinetic Scrolling, Joshlog Custom Widgets, Avkon and more – Tutorial Guide

Power Patch for Official Belle Refresh by Normas Interruptor
Power Patch for Official Belle Refresh by Normas Interruptor
WARNING: If you are using any custom firmware, do not use this mod / patch, this is supposed to work fine with Official Nokia Belle Refresh Firmware.
This power patch by Normas Interruptor will help you to enable custom theme effects on Official Nokia Belle Refresh & Nokia Belle FP2 changes the browser cache to E:/, you’ll be able to rename all profiles, joshlog patch for customized widgets and avkons to change battery, signal and connectivity icons on status bar, gravity free kinectic scrolling, send all type of protected files via Bluetooth via default file manager and Tactiles vibration feedback during calling v2.
How does it work?
How to modify the status bar icons?

Replace your favorite avkon2.mif in E:/resource/apps – Make sure to connect your phone with PC in mass storage mode.
Download 5 Modded Colorful Avkon2.mif 
How to modify the widgets?
Look up for your favorite modded widget .MIF files on the internet and replace them in E:/resource/apps

Please make sure to use the modding tools at your own risk and you must understand what you are going to do. In case of any issue, N8 Fan Club won’t be held responsible.

How to completely Remove these Power Patch, patches? – Make sure to enable OPEN4ALL patch from ROM patcher before following these steps:

To Delete Belle base pkg theme effect, Remove these files via X-plore app

  • C:\resource\effects\manifest.mf
  • C:\resource\Skins\101f84b9\101f84b9.sel
  • C:\sys\bin\aknskinsrv.dll

To Delete Browser cache to E Drive Remove this file via X-plore app

  • C:\private\10202be9\101F8557.txt

To Delete Profile Name Editor, Remove this file via X-plore app

  • C:\private\10202be9\101f8798.txt

To Delete Joshlog patch, Remove this file via X-plore app

  • C:\sys\bin\AknIcon.dll

To Delete Kinetic scrolling, Remove this file via X-plore app

  • C:\private\10202be9\persists\20021192.cre

To Delete Send protected files, Remove this file via X-plore app

  • C:\private\10202BE9\persists\10003a3f.cre

To Delete Tactiles v2, Remove this file via X-plore app

  • C:\private\10282bc4\rules\tactile.rul

  • thanx.. Its workin in my 500 but if i wish to uninstall it den what to do???

  • thanks alot i got my theme effects back , hats off to u 🙂

  • sir i only wants a .sis file package for cache moving from c to e
    plzzz post it……

  • any options to revert back to belle refresh once this mod is installed ? also if I get any software upgrades in future from nokia, will I b able install those ?

  • it works on all belle devises.it works perfect on my nokia 700 the only problem is the effects i cant put mine

  • Its good but makes your phone slower and no way to revert back to original, since admin isn’t answering the calls :p

  • the effects are on z drive i delete mine on e and still work this sucks effects on z of custom patch and i cant delete them on z either replase them with mine

  • Ash

    Got everything except the widgets any help??

  • Luis González

    i have deligth 1.5, if i install this will it work for me??