WhatsApp 2.12.362 E n F Mod Nokia N8 S^3 Belle Free App

WhatsApp’ for Symbian smartphones just got updatedWhatsApp Messenger is a smartphone messaging app which allows you to exchange messages with your friends and contacts without having to pay for SMS. WhatsAppmessage each other! To send and receive messages, WhatsApp utilizes your existing smartphone internet data plan: 3G/EDGE (or Wi-Fi when available).
In addition to messaging, Nokia Symbian, iPhone, Android and BlackBerry WhatsApp Messenger users can send each other unlimited images, video. WhatsApp Messenger is cross platform and available for iPhone, BlackBerry, Android and Nokia. Minor update probably some UI enhancement and bug fix. WhatsApp for New Nokia Asha Touch smartphones is also available to download.
Change log: – New privacy options added – Hide Last Seen – Hide Profile Picture – Added Voice Messaging (Push to Talk) – Media library added – Changed picture page – you can swipe between all pics of a group/conversation (3rd screen) – you can open in default pic viewer (folder symbol) – you can share pics – you can see date and time of sending/receiving – you can see who sent the pic and – you can see how many new messages are in a conversation
Direct Download – General Signed Version – (5.41 MB)

Direct Download – E n F Mod + General Signed Version – (13 MB)

E n F n Popup Mod Definition: It will give you an option to install on the drive of your own choice, there is no auto startup of Whatsapp and there are no annoying popups in this modded version.

Note: When installing the all in one modded version, please make sure to tick mark only one option during installation, else it will state “unable to install” message. Also uninstall any previous version of WhatsApp before installing the latest one in order to avoid update errors.

  • jd

    doesnt work with nokia n8

  • jd

    the unsingned version doesnt work. But the signed version works. but i didnt find any change in this update. Same like version 2.8.4

  • jd

    signed version works but no new changes in dis version.

  • allways the same change log …

  • can not send broadcast

  • oh goodie, now i have to pay in a month. Nice trial 🙁

  • no. U’ll get 6 month bonus after trial expire.

  • because the version 2.8.26 is the last to be able to be kill with Lestartstop?

  • didn’t give me an option for E n F. It just installed straight up on C!!!

  • Luccas Cechetto

    What are the changes from 2.11.37?

    • Lubomir Georgiev

      Usually just bugfixes.. nothing major

  • Pepe Chotuno

    Hi, this is old v101 E n F mod … not v107. Please, replace these files !!! Thank you !!!

  • sivaramakrishna kr

    hi…. this is a cool app… can u upload this new app.. BBM for n8.. plss

    • BBM for Nokia N8 does not exist, neither for any Nokia Symbian Phone.

  • Great

  • Eduardo

    Man, please! What theme is been used in this screenshot? And what about that widget with circles on the clock? It looks awesome! D: Tks, From Brazil.

  • Darknesse

    Thanks for the app 😉
    can you tell what the name of that android theme?

  • Darknesse

    Thanks for the app 😉
    Can you tell me what’s the name of the android theme?? Please


  • where can i get that widget?

  • Monty Jaiswal

    its not getting installed in nokia n8 plz check … its saying the publisher is in correct even after signing the unsigned modded version

  • Monty Jaiswal

    yes ur right its not installing in n8 plz help…

  • Ashish Jadhav

    I am not able to send multiple images…pls help me
    when i mark multiple images whatsapp restarts pls help me admin !!

  • Michele Pesciolino

    Hi is there TELEGRAM for Nokia Symbian? Can you publish it? Thank you staff!

  • sonny

    Hi There…, can I use this app for Symbian OS v9.4, Series 60 rel. 5 ? my phone is N97.

    • Yes you can…

      • sonny

        oh nice, ok i will try it. Thanks 😉

  • Alan

    Hi, i am new user from Nokia N8, it changes the original whatsapp?

    • Modded version adds the ability to install Whatsapp on E: Mass Storage, while default version only installs it on Phone Memory.

      • Alan

        Thanks! now low and I’ll be testing in a few moments

  • Buki

    Hey can you make another mod of Whatsapp with the latest version so we can install it on E: Mass Storage, but don’t change anything else but that! Please.. i love your page though 🙂

  • symbian lives !!!

  • Deepak Khosla

    hi I’m not able to install whatsapp modded version .. getin msg unable to install protected application from supplier that is not trusted

  • S.Raja

    Is it True that “BoldBeast Recorder Advance 3.20” makes Nokia-N8 beep-free while Recording Call? If so,anybody kindly send me the Demo Version of it OR the Link,pls. And also give me the Contact-details of BoldBeast Company,pls. Thanks.(AKORONNO@GMAIL.COM)

  • Khldoun Tannous

    great mod. now my device can boot faster.

  • Arghya Chatterjee

    giving “saying unable to install application from a supplier that is not trusted”
    when trying to install norton jailbreak x-plore installation giving expired certificate error…plz help

  • Regal Signage

    how to install whatsapp in mass memory… in nokia n8 pls help

  • Sonal Chouhan

    Can Symbian Call Recorder | Total Recall work in any nokia symbian phone, also can i record a phone call of both sides ? Please let me know.

  • Nitesh

    hey admin can i change the themes in whatsapp in this mod version ? pls reply

    • Sorry themes cannot be changed in Whatsapp on Symbian phones.

  • Samer Shurman

    It is not working should be update to the new version.

  • Hi, did you stop whit whatsapp upgrade? Isn’t there latest version?

  • Samer Shurman

    The download file for WhatsApp 2.12.362 is not e_n_f_mod.

  • WhatsApp through a blog post announced that they will be withdrawing support for Symbian, later this year . Does anyone know how to do to transfer the chat to Symbiann to Androin or IOS?

  • Sachin Katve

    There is a news that whatsapp will be no longer supported on symbian, s^40, blackberry and old android version after 31, Dec. 2016.
    The reason behind this they said that these version doesn’t have capabilities for update.
    I have a question that after removing support on symbian for whatsapp, Can I use old version whatsapp on symbian without support and update?

  • beso91

    is nokia 701 supported?