SPB SHELL 3D 1.2.2505 for Nokia N8 & Belle smartphones – Signed Full App Download

SPB Software, a leading mobile software developer, announces the release of SPB Shell 3D for Symbian^3 – a 3D user interface for end users with the best-in-class user experience and great visually appealing design.

SPB Shell 3D is a product built on SPB UI Engine – a 3D technology platform optimized for building next generation, high-performance mobile user interfaces.”Having our solution on Symbian proves clearly our multi platform approach to our toolsets. With this rollout we meet the demand of ODM, OEM and Mobile Operators As they are all looking for the ways to reduce individual development costs and shorten time to market”, said Sebastian-Justus Schmidt, CEO of SPB Software. Globally, more than 15 leading device manufacturers and mobile operators have already shipped UI solutions from SPB Software.
The SPB Mobile Shell for Symbian predecessor of the newly released SPB Shell 3D – achieved the number one best selling position world-wide and has been recognized by the number of prestigious awards such as Nokia Calling All innovators.

SPB Shell 3D for Symbian is an innovative solution that brings user interface to a new level and transforms the whole Home Screen into a 3D space. Initially released for Android it became the revenue-generating hit on the Android Market with 750 000 USD earned within 3 weeks. Now it is Symbian users’ turn to experience how SPB Shell 3D can improve the look and feel of their smartphones with astonishing 3D visual effects and highly responsive and natural UI.

With the new SPB Shell 3D Symbian users will get into the rich and engaging 3D environment with impressive 3D animation. Slick, intuitive and fast UI will make the navigation simple to allow Symbian users fully enjoy their familiar devices with the brand new features. Smart folders will help to organize the Home Screen in the most convenient way and get access to the most important apps in one click. Fast switching between screens will make the device manipulation much more effective.

•Fixed black screen after Shell loading
•Fixed registration dialog on Belle
•Fixed duplicated clock info in status bar


  • Enable WiFi / Data connection on your phone.
  • Copy any one of the serial key from the download package.
  • Install v1.1.2382, run it and paste the serial key that you had copied in the previous step (Please note that there might be no keyboard to enter the serial key, therefore you have to copy the serial key and then press & hold on the serial key input area and you’ll be able to paste the serial key and then hit OK to continue online activation process.)
  • 1. N8FanClub.com_spbshell3d_1.1.2382_signed.sis
  • Install v1.1.2505 and overwrite the old version
  • 2. N8FanClub.com_SPB_Shell_3D_1.2.2505_Signed.sis
  • Enjoy full SBP Shell 3D on your Nokia N8 or any other Belle smartphone!!


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  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/00826074039301452629 Shinoy

    serial key is not working saying check your internet connectionserial key is not working saying check your internet connection

  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/12889265583377564631 Pavn8

    guys pls fix tis activation problem i tried hard to activate it but couldnt . . Reply when u have solved this and very thankfull for posting tis application

  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/12889265583377564631 Pavn8

    guys pls solve this activation problem i tried to activate this but i could not when u have fixed pls reply me thanks for ur great application u posted hope u reply soon with new key

  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/02639765825017751847 koshedl

    Any updates about the key yet? Thanks.

  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/14570732265641266482 Samanyou Garg

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  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/16406035908028653043 Unknown

    Guys the only way to activate is by using a key which has been provided by anyone who has purchased the legal version.& tat key’ll nt work 4 more than 5 persons.
    I request the N8FANCLUB site owner to purchase it and share tat key.atleast some dudes can hav d spb shell wrking on their mobile.pls.hav mercy.

  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/16797431153315020675 Admin

    And why would the site Admin purchase and share that key that is worth $15? Do you guys donate us / support us in this way, that you are expecting such a huge return free of cost? You will have to buy it for yourself. No other way.

  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/08424598667697715375 Unknown

    Yes admin is right. N8fanclub has given lots of paid apps for free and we owe n8fanclub. No other sites can give free latest apps . I am very grateful to n8fanclub.
    Soumyadeep Banerjee.

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    B839-52V4-ZQS3 serial number

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  • Cristian Amado

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    • http://www.n8fanclub.com/ N8FanClub-Admin

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  • Agoenxz

    installed succescfully on my N8, but it wot wont update.. always failed??