How to overclock, enhance & boost Nokia N8’s CPU, GPU and make more RAM available for Running Applications?

We are aware of the fact that Nokia N8 is getting older, but still we love it the most. Today there are even octa core smartphones available in the market, but our Nokia N8 still serves us much better in terms of its routine usage, best hardware, awesome communication features, best camera and even great battery life. Therefore many of us are have a mindset that we won’t be selling our Nokia N8 ever. 
By regularly installing applications, themes and games on smartphones, junk files are also being created. In order to keep our Nokia N8 speedy and quick enough to keep us serving, we need to tweak & follow some steps that will boost up Nokia N8’s performance. These tweaks will help to overclock / enhance CPU, GPU and even make more RAM available for your Nokia N8. Though you will need to jailbreak your Nokia N8 to apply these tweaks.

Before and after applying this tutorial you can use GlBenchmark App to monitor the results. 

  1. Jailbreak Nokia N8 with Norton Unlock Hack
  2. Run ROM Patcher and Enable OPEN4ALL Patch.
  3. Copy the Private folder to C:/ Phone Memory and replace any files, if prompted.
  4. Copy the Patches Folder to E:/ Mass Storage
  5. Now Apply OverClock_CPU_Nokia_Belle.rmp Patch from ROM Patcher and add it to auto from options.
  6. Restart your Phone to observe boosted performance of your Nokia N8.

N8FanClub.com_OverClock & Improved CPU, GPU plus more Ram for Apps
N8FanClub.com_OverClock & Improved CPU, GPU plus more Ram for Apps
N8FanClub.com_OverClock & Improved CPU, GPU plus more Ram for Apps

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  • s60

    does it affect to the stability of the n8?
    is it harmful for the phone?? and what is the speed you can get?

    • N8FanClub-Admin

      You can try out the bench-marking application to see the results of over-clock.

      • N8 still alive

        As a result of b-m app it was 1048 MHz

  • rhed

    does it work on belle refresh? thanks.

    • N8FanClub-Admin

      Yes, it does.

      • bhavik

        hey all above links is noooooooot working

        • N8FanClub-Admin

          All links work fine. Your country has blocked adfly domain. Try adding v2 before download link.

          • krunal

            i love n8fanclub …

          • krunal

            and i can not understand process .please help me…

        • Farax Xaraf

          use ultra surf proxy ..and download from the given download links :) through internet explorer

          • krunal

            ty bro

  • zoe

    only work on n8 device? can it work on nokia c7 belle refresh????

    • N8FanClub-Admin

      You can give it a try on your C7 at your own risk :)

      • Pepe Chotuno

        Hi N8FanClub-Admin.
        I have got the files and I have got a Nokia N8 Belle Refresh hacked by NortonSymbianHackLDD with RomPatcherPlus_3.1

        – Is it sure do this overclock ??
        – Could my N8 has any failures if I do it ??
        – I have a Patches folder in C: Phone Memory that contains Rompatcher’s patches (Install Server 1.7 RP+.rmp, Install Server RP+.rmp and Open4All RP+.rmp). Should I paste your Patches folder in E: Mass Memory ??
        – Are you using this oveclock on your N8 ??
        – How it works ??
        – Please, reply me when you can.
        Thanks :-)

      • Pepe Chotuno

        Hi installed this mod, but after restart my N8, just I can see one patch at Rompatcher app and I can’t active the other patches, so I must install your patch in C.Patches where I have the other 3 patches on my N8 hack. I think my Norton method is different like yours.

      • Pepe Chotuno

        Since 3 days that I’m using this mod I think it “drinks” my N8 battery, doesn’t it ???

  • Gichin Funakushi

    “3. Copy the Private folder to C:/ Phone Memory and replace any files, if prompted.

    4. Copy the Patches Folder to E:/ Mass Storage ”

    This is so confusing. In the number 3. From what drive should I find the Private folder? And what from what drive should I find the Patches folder?

    Next time, make a clear steps -_-

    • N8FanClub-Admin

      Its a common sense that you have to download the zip archive and place it as mentioned. Steps are very clear though.

      • Pepe Chotuno

        I have a Patches folder from Rompatcher in C due to my Norton Hack, so I think I must paste this patch into that folder, because if I create a new folder in E, I can’t see the other three patches that I have them.

        • N8FanClub-Admin

          Yes that’s right. Or you can move your all patches folder from C: to E:

  • Frederick Cordero

    Does it works on cfw xeon belle refresh?

  • AuGuS

    I’ve x7 with the one cfw, does it work?

    • N8FanClub-Admin

      You can try it at your own :)

  • KaliN

    Hello there, N8FanClub-Admin!
    Could you reupload the software for overclocking the N8?
    Thank you!

  • JKIS

    most of the N8 apps, i have put it on my X7
    it is perfoming well.
    now i want to put Delight N8 version 6.5 on my nokia X7 as i have already put delight x7 ver 1.0
    i want to know if N8 ver 6.5 and X7 ver 1.0 is the same… or ver 6.5 has more apps or watever
    by the way x7 ver 1.0 don’t have OverClock_CPU_Nokia_Belle in Rompatcher. i wish you can upgrade the x7 ver,by putting it

  • Hitendra Pradhan

    Dear Admin,

    The above step is really very confusing as my E:Drive Private folder is of 3.5Gb and free space in C;Drive is just 2Mb how is it possible to move tht file to C;Drive, can u please make it more simpler and explain it as my N8 is already jail broken so suggest accoringly.

    • N8FanClub-Admin

      Well you only need to copy private folder from downloaded file to C:/ drive. Hope it helps :)