How to get back Symbian Anna’s Camera Quality on Nokia N8 with Nokia Belle Refresh?

Nokia Belle firmware for Nokia N8 is pretty good, besides it had reduced the camera quality of Nokia N8’s camera which was available in Symbian Anna. Erorcun has tried to port Anna’s camera quality to Nokia N8 with Belle Refresh Firmware. Please note that this is exclusively for Nokia N8, DO NOT TRY THIS ON ANY OTHER DEVICE. Your Nokia N8 must be hacked & jailbroken in order to proceed with this short tutorial. On the other hand NVT Camera Mods for Nokia N8 with Belle Refresh can also help to improve the camera quality of Nokia N8.

The camera’s GUI will not be changed to Anna’s GUI, rather it will remain the same as of Nokia Belle. In this tutorial we will be using Nokia Beta Lab’s Camera App for Nokia N8 and some modded files that have to be placed in C:/sys/bin and c2z patch has to be applied from ROM Patcher.

Symbian Anna Camera Quality on Nokia N8 vs Nokia Belle Refresh Camera Quality at Night

Installation Guide:

Download & Warning: Make sure you are familiar with, what you are going to do, if you are not aware how to revert back the changes you have made with this mod, do not try it. It may lead towards errors in camera application. In that case, uninstalling the camera application from settings will work, or in worst case, Re-install firmware on your device.

  • Aymen

    Hey when I intall Camera_Update it says “change version 11.02(1) to version 9.23(6)”.
    Mine is newer what should I do ??

    • That’s because Symbian Anna’s camera version is older than Nokia Belle.

  • Ad Kirk

    Copy the SYS folder to C:/ Phone Memory (You must apply OPEN4ALL patch from ROM Patcher before doing this – You can use X-plore or any other File Manager to Copy the files). – help me plz..i cannot copy sys folder to C:/ because it is already has sys folder in there.

    • Ad Kirk

      admin,where r u

    • You must enable open4all patch and replace the sys folder.

      • Ad Kirk

        a already enable open4all patch in ROM Patcher and after in extract sys folder to C:/ it says cannot creat dir…

  • vaibhav narain

    after complete all step and successfully install and copy paste and patch apply but no change in camera still belle camera effect