Nokia Belle Refresh 111.040.1511 – Official Firmware Update is now available – Detailed Change-logs and how to update guide…

Nokia Belle Refresh 111.040.1511
Nokia Belle Refresh 111.040.1511 – PR 3.1
Nokia Belle Refresh (111.040.1511 – PR 3.1) firmware update has started to roll out for 1st generation Symbian Belle Smart Phones, earlier Belle Refresh was spotted on Nokia’s RDA device (Nokia C7) and we had posted the screenshots in our last post. Please note that, Nokia Belle FP2 firmware update is coming soon for 2nd generation Belle FP1 smart phones (Nokia 808 PureView, 700, 701 and 603). Screenshots and videos are available for Nokia Belle FP2. Unfortunately Nokia has not included Belle FP1 style multi-tasking in this firmware update. For detailed change logs and how to update Nokia Belle Refresh on your Smart Phone, please read the full post.

Nokia Belle Refresh (Trimmed Belle FP1) will roll out for following Symbian Belle devices

  • Nokia N8
  • Nokia C7
  • Nokia E7
  • Nokia C6-01
  • Nokia X7
  • Nokia E6
What’s new in Nokia Belle Refresh for your Phone?
  • New HTML5 based web browser
  • Fixed FLV Video Playback
  • New Music Player
  • New Set of HomeScreen Widgets
  • Microsoft Office Apps
  • Nokia Maps Suite 2.0
  • *Extra Imaging Applications only for Nokia N8 – Detailed change-logs are available below

Detailed Change logs: (Thanks to Mr. Aldasir Ibn La-ahad for detailed change-logs)
Nokia Belle v 111.040.1511 Firmware Improvements
• Browser 8.3 (without UI Threading)
• Full HTML5 Support
• Services available also offline Nokia Maps Suite 3.09 – available via IAD in case of FOTA update
• Use your voice to search – Maps and Drive
• See your photos on Map
• Multi-point routing with the route planner
• Explore cool places nearby, straight from your home screen.
• Public transport integrated with line information and departure times.
Social 1.5 – available via IAD in case of FOTA update
• Automatic Contacts linking to Facebook and Twitter
• New home screen widgets
• Improved performance
• Renewed app layout & FB notifications
N8 Imaging Update
• Big Screen
• Colorize IT (excl. China)
• PlayTo (home electronics connectivity)
• Gallery widget Qt4.8 Ovi Services branding to Nokia Services Updated Nokia Store Improved music player
New Music Player
• Refreshed ‘Now Playing’ view
• Lists are tabbed for easy access , swipe from one tab to another
• New ’Artist View’
All New Widgets
• Clock, analogue big
• Clock, mechanic
• Clock, text
• Clock, flip
• Calendar, agenda view
• RSS widget
• Bookmark
• Contact, individual (Social upgrades)
• Contact, Group (group support upgrade)
• Music Player, medium
• Weather, now
• Weather forecast
• My Location
• Social widget
• Facebook, summary
• Facebook
• Twitter
• Mobile data counter
• Search
• Email, new arrival
• Gallery
• Notes
• Email, detailed
• Toggles 2G/3G
• Offline
• Silent
• BT on/off Cellular data on/off

Frequently Asked Questions:
I am using a custom firmware, will I be able to update my phone to Belle Refresh?
Yes, you can try flashing Belle Refresh on your device with Phoenix.

Would I be able to hack / unlock / jailbreak Nokia Belle Refresh to eliminate certificate errors?
Yes, you have two ways to jailbreak Nokia Belle Refresh

  • Norton Unlock Hack (Only certificate errors will be removed, component built in errors will still pop-up upon installing modded widgets)
  • Trend Micro Unlock Hack  (Only certificate errors will be removed, component built in errors will still pop-up upon installing modded widgets)

Number of ways to update your Phone to Nokia Belle Refresh?

How to update to Nokia Belle Refresh from Symbian Belle?
If you are on already on Symbian Belle, Nokia Belle Refresh is available as Over the Air update (around 12MB for N8 – the update size may vary as per your device) via your phone’s software update application, if that’s still not available, please be patient, its still rolling out, it might arrive sometime later for your region. Only unbranded devices without any carriers will be receiving the update first, others who are using carrier branded devices shall have to wait for their turn. If you are still using Symbian Anna firmware we had posted the video tutorial, on how to update Nokia Belle Refresh on your phone via Nokia Suite, but , you’ll have to Alternatively you can also download the Nokia Belle Refresh firmware via NaviFirm and Flash it with Phoenix.

How to update to Nokia Belle Refresh from Symbian Anna / S^3 Stock firmware?
If you are still using Symbian Anna / S^3 Stock firmware, you guys cannot update Over the Air (OTA) unlike Symbian Belle users, we had posted the video tutorial, on how to update Nokia Belle Refresh on your phone via Nokia Suitealternatively you can also download the Nokia Belle Refresh firmware via NaviFirm and Flash it with Phoenix.

We are a bit late to inform you guys regarding Belle Refresh, since we are having connectivity issues at our end, just activated the limited data package on our cellular device to blog this post.

Special thanks to all tipsters on our Facebook Fan Page who sent this news in 🙂 You guys rock!! Thanks once again!! Arvin Espinar Ramirez, Rofe Erwandy, Behzad Bhandari, Hemant Unune, Raj Pratap Singh, Hemant Gunesee, Vijay Bhasker, Shailja Yadav, Rajesh Pilot

  • hy… thr admn…m run’ng Belle 111.030.0607 ” HACK’D ” on ma N8 provid’d ba u ….. so ma Q iz … d Belle refresh u’a talking here 111.040.1511 ….. iz this vrsion also “HACK’D ” ……. if ans iz NO thn cn u gv detail wn probbly it’d b availabl ….. n thnks fo u’a support in advnc ….

  • downloading over the air.

  • Hi to all! My phone is Nokia C7 Belle (111.030.0609) by Taylor. I see this update, but when I download over the air, don´t installed, because not compatible with my phone!!! 😀 (Sorry, I don´t speak english)

  • Did they tweak the processor speed of the first gen devices as they did in the case of second gen devices..i heard these devices which came with a 680mhz ARM is actually capable of clocking a 1ghz comfortably( same processor is tweaked to 800mhz – 1ghz in some android devices) would have improved the overall user experience like the 1.3ghz 701 handling belle beautifully..

  • is this firmware better than aminking modded firmware

  • The easy way to update your Nokia Device to Symbian Belle Refresh is via OTA. It’s pretty work and spends around 5 to 10 minutes depend on your Network. After it downloads finish we are going to check for the latest apps for our device. That’s it, enjoy your Symbian Belle Refresh.

  • i cn see update but its nt downloading wat could b problem….. Any help

  • hack is not working

  • Norton hack is not working on it please suggest me another crack

  • after installing this update,my N8 went into an infinite boot loop,so I had to hard reset it using the 3-button combo..Then using Norton hack I had to install the Nokia apps like maps,store,etc. Now about this update,UI has become smooth,typing is easier compared to earlier versions.but the camera quality has look blur & too much of noise. Anybody experiencing this issue? Please reply.

    • the pic quality is not good…….

    • ya this is disgusting when other company update his software they add something extra, but nokia after update my software camera quality goes down, focusing future remove this is totally nonsense. I think nokia dont want competition. I personally refer people to dont buy nokia phone. Thank you.

  • dear admin, i find error on music player, volume keys not seems if touch the screen

  • what about the hacl itls not working give me solution

  • flv files were not working …

  • theme effects and j0sh patch n0t working on this firmware

  • hi admin, i have installed this new firmware belle refresh via OTA. Everything is working great machnical clock text clock toggles everything is working fine but facing only one poblem after updating that is whenever i launch social app or click on official facebook widget the welcome screen appers after that an errer comes ”Unable to start” i dont know what went wrong i m very disappointed kindly suggest me some solution that how can i remove this errer? Your suggesgions or comments will be really appreciated. Thanks in adv.

  • i just installed the refresh update a few hours ago. I suspected something wrong when i noticed jinhao effects not working. Already installed unsigned apps still working well except for the 3 angry birds which kept interchanging with each other, i.e angry birds seasons open when i try to open angry birds rio. Norton Hack no longer works since i couldn’t install any unsigned app. Certificate error always pops up. Tried to hack it again with norton but says files already exists. What can be done. I’m starting to hate my n8 belle inspite of the nice updates.

  • mine version is 111.040.0904\aminking, should i go fr d refresh belle?

  • Video playing problem while running cuteTube on the background after update belle refresh.

  • HY

    hi.. My belle is v112. Is this better? Or my belle is better?

  • hey admin, plese create Belle FP1 style multi-tasking for bell refresh without flash

  • the update size is 12MB OTA , but for C7 belle it is only 9.8 MB WHY ????

  • touch volume control is missing in updated music player , could somebody please fix it, thanx.

  • i have n8 vit st.ver. 111.030.0609, from norway,and i still didn’t get fp1 update(i have checked via ovi suite and via *#0000#). Browser version is still 7.4
    what i nead to do,i never have try to flash it,and i don’t wont to do that

  • i have n8  with sw version 111.030.0609, i bought it from france and i didn’t get  belle refresh update in my phone or in the nokia suite and i have checked the navifirm to get update but i cant find my mobile product code there………how to update now?

    • Please be patient you’ll surely get the update. If your phone has custom operator stuff, that might require your operator’s approval. Else you can try flashing it. Download latest firmware of any product code from NaviFirm and Flash it with Phoenix. (Risky stuff, if you are a newbie)

  • I want to upgrade from Anna to Belle but Nokia Suite isn’t showing the update.
    any help about that?

  • is there any direct links for this firmware?

  • RamPro

    Great write up.. Thanks @symbianzone:disqus !! you are making my phone even better !! hatsoff

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  • Zubin Gulati

    Weird Al! My Nokia N8 update shows the Shekel Symbol where it had the Palestinian Currency Symbol earlier……. Hmmm I’m not trashing my phone yet in my love for the Kingdom of Zionistan or God yet…I’m gonna keep it in memory of the thousands of Palestinians who Israhell murders everyday…..the only symbol these shitholes could send is the symbol of their real Gawd “money” to my phone.

  • Krishna Murthy

    is this forum still active?