Files Plus 1.3.2 File Manager for Nokia N8 & Belle smartphones – Signed App Download

File manager with cloud service integration. Very useful utility application for your Nokia N8.

FilesPlus provides extended functions beyond files manager.
+ Print with Google™ Cloud Print.
+ Sync files with multiple Dropbox(s).
+ File management with cut/copy/paste.
+ Preview images in your folders.
+ Preview text files with pinch-zoom.
+ Include FolderPie functionalities.

- Correction for improved WebDAV support NAS (network-attached storage).
- Fix WebDAV client to support special characters in hostname.
- Fix sort by name, name(dir. first) to sort case insensitively.
- Save sort flag per cloud storage path.
- Add BOX client.
Known issue:
- BOX client’s uploading file limit at 10-30MB.
- Added Google Cloud Print Supported file type to support .doc, .xls, .ppt, .odt, .ods, odp.
- Fix to support
- Save sort flag for cloud storage
- Fox to support manually PIN code input during authorization
- Fix to upload copied file after copying is done
- Configurable turn on Bluetooth automatically for sending files
- Fix synchronizing multiple selected files
- Adjust copy / delete dialog box
- Fix to support unicode on text editor
- Fix dropBox PingNotFound bag.
- Fix WebDAV tu support “-”, “@” in username and also support GMX.
- Fix FTP bug.
- Reduce crash.
- Correct Dutch translation.
- Add more cloud storage connectors (DropBox, SkyDrive, GoogleDrive, FTP and WebDAV)
- Cloud storage can be used as a drive (Configurable in settings)
- Add pinch-zooming to image viewer
- Improved start-up time


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